How to visually inspect the quality of sunglasses

u003cbru003eIn addition to being unable to determine whether the lens can block ultraviolet rays, consumers can visually check the quality of the lens when buying sunglasses. If you should pay attention to whether the surface of the lens is smooth, free of scratches and bubbles; lay the lens flat and observe whether the lens is warped from the horizontal direction. Gucci GG4276/S unisex sunglasses tortoiseshell gold J5GCC can also take the sunglasses 30 cm away from the eyes, and observe the vertical and horizontal lines around them through the glasses, such as window frames or door frames, and intentionally move the glasses up and down, as you find The observed straight line appears distorted or wobbled, indicating that the lens may be deformed, and such sunglasses are not suitable for purchase. Anta AT8002C1 black large-frame sunglasses Trendy fashion women's genuine Polarized sunglasses Another way is to place the sunglasses in front of your eyes, move the convex side of the lens outwards, move it up and down slowly, and observe distant objects from the inside of the lens. If most of the objects are still and there is a wave-like beating locally, it means that the mirror surface is not flat. Lenses that look uneven or have flaws and bubbles on the surface will cause discomfort such as dizziness after wearing them, so they are not suitable for purchase. S9103 sunglasses C01 frame black / lens gradient gray. In addition, dark sunglasses can effectively block strong light, but its transmittance to visible light is also very low, generally only 10%-30%; in contrast, light-colored sunglasses may block The effect of strong light is not obvious, but its transmittance in the visible light region is also relatively high, ranging from about 40% to 80% (the transmittance of colorless glasses to visible light can reach 90% to 99%). Good quality sunglasses should have the same ability to block ultraviolet rays. The difference due to the shade of the color is mainly reflected in the visible light part, and the wearer can directly feel it. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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