How to wear sunglasses for myopia?

u003cbru003eFor myopia consumers, it is a headache to wear both myopia glasses and sunglasses in summer or winter. How can I have both? How to wear sunglasses for myopia? Industry insiders gave five solutions. 9803 Polarized Myopia Sunglasses 1. You can wear contact lenses, and then you can choose sunglasses freely, just like people with good eyesight (but note that when wearing sunglasses in summer, choose the contact lenses that are not easy to dry or discarded). 2. Add a pair of sunglasses clip (plain) to the original myopia glasses. However, the style of the clip is very small, and may not match the wearer's original myopia glasses. Generally, men choose clip and women choose contact lenses. 3. Equipped with a pair of mirrors, that is, there is a pair of sunglasses cover lens outside the frame glasses that exactly matches the ring shape of the glasses, which is stuck or attracted to the frame by magnet, and the mirror cover is still an ordinary pair in the room. Myopia glasses. But such a pair of glasses has the weight of two pairs of glasses, which will cause a little discomfort to the wearer. Fourth, use discoloration or polarized lenses. However, the range of luminosity of the discoloration and polarized lenses is limited, and the lenses are thicker and heavier when the height is numbered, and the discoloration effect is not good. Fifth, the best choice is to use resin lenses to dye the wearer’s favorite color according to the wearer’s actual luminosity to make myopic sunglasses. Use sunglasses for outdoor activities and replace them with the original glasses indoors. The inconvenience is to change Come and go. The lens of myopia sunglasses must be a resin sheet, but which refractive index resin sheet to use depends on the wearer's luminosity. The frame of myopia sunglasses can be a light distribution frame or sunglasses. However, when choosing sunglasses, consider whether the sunglasses frame is suitable for changing lenses (such as screwless metal frames). Related Reading: Sunglasses Sunglasses
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