I don’t know, your sunglasses will expire like food


Many people may think that choosing a good and beautiful pair of sunglasses, as long as its appearance is not lost, or the style is not outdated, you can wear it forever, but the latest news may disappoint you. When the editor went through the storm and saw this news, I was so scared to go back and see if there was anything wrong with the Ray-Ban sunglasses I just bought this year! Because I heard that my sunglasses will expire! You said it is not terrible This is the case. A recent research report published by the University of São Paulo in Brazil found that the sun protection power of sunglasses will decrease over time. Even if the mirror surface is not scratched, these sunscreen coatings will gradually disappear due to daily depreciation, storage habits, or sweat, tears, and sebum stained on the skin. Ray-Ban RB3025-J-M Men's Sunglasses 146/32 White/Grey flakes. Without these anti-UV coatings, the sunglasses expire and can no longer prevent ultraviolet rays. Although the dark mirror surface can reduce the light irritation of the eyes, there is no way to deal with the ultraviolet rays that hurt the eyes. Sun protection is like a dummy, which will still affect vision and eye health. Recommended reading: Wearing sunglasses and the light will glare? Let’s see the difference between polarized lenses and ordinary sunglasses. How long is the life of sunglasses? Researchers pointed out that, generally speaking, if you wear sunglasses for 2 hours a day, then It's time to get a new pair of sunglasses in about 2 years. The longer you wear sunglasses every day, the more frequently you need to change them. Okay, isn’t this information terrible? For someone like Xiaobian, who stays indoors all day long and wears only sunglasses to go out and pretend to be a big brand for an hour, you can use it for one more year. However, it is acceptable to change a pair of sunglasses in two years, and it has become an excuse to buy new sunglasses. Sunglasses will deteriorate. From this perspective, is it perfect news? There is also a small editor secretly telling you if you are right There are doubts about whether your sunglasses can protect against UV rays, and you don’t necessarily have to replace them immediately. You can go directly to your local optical shop and ask them to test the UV protection level of the lenses to see if they can prevent radiation. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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