If you don’t know how to wear sunglasses, I’m sorry this summer

u003cbru003eI can’t bear to look at celebrities going out. I wear sunglasses all year round, as if someone doesn’t! (rolling my eyes) and~ finally it’s summer, the sun is dazzling, so you don’t have to worry about being called out by wearing sunglasses. Pretending to be forced. Even if you and I have average looks, as long as you wear the right glasses, even if you wear white T and jeans, your temperament UP and UP are not discussed! (We can’t choose our face, we can choose glasses!) Hurry up! But, how to choose the right one for you How about my sunglasses? Simple~ Refer to how the male stars with the same face wear them! For long-faced faces, please refer to: Li Zhiting, Zhang Liang, Jin Yubin and Zhang Liang. Men with long faces, of course, choose sunglasses not to make their faces look longer. It is recommended to have a wider mirror surface, which can extend the face horizontally and change the straight line vision of a long face. Li Zhiting recommends sunglasses: Oakley OO9269 men’s sunglasses 04/clear/colorful blue Oakley OO9272 men’s sunglasses 06/black/colorful blue round or square frame, and aviator glasses are good choices, as long as the width of the glasses is not too wide Just cheeks. For round faces, please refer to: Lin Zhiying, Xu Zheng, Deng Chao Lin Zhiying Round faces make you look young. If you go out to be cool, you can choose a pair of large sunglasses that highlight your edges and corners, but don’t round frames! Recommended sunglasses : Ray-Ban RB3449 Men’s Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55 Ray-Ban RB3523 Men’s Sunglasses 006/3R/Black/Colorful Green Large Wayfarer is a good choice. The outline of the wider cheek will extend the length of the entire face. The visual effect thus achieves the purpose of face-lifting. For square face shapes, please refer to: Shawn Yue, Nicholas Tse, and Chen He. The square face here refers to your face with sharp and obvious edges and corners. Whether you are square or rectangular, please stay away from frames with too sharp edges and corners to make people look sharp. Nicholas Tse round lenses or slightly curved frames (such as pilot glasses) are better choices to make facial lines look softer. Recommended Sunglasses: Oakley OO9245 Men’s Sunglasses 29/Brown/Yellow Pattern/Tea Chip Oval Face Face Shape Please refer to: Song Zhongji, Li Yifeng, Chen Bolin Song Zhongji If you have an oval face, then congratulations, as long as it is not too bad taste, basically all shapes of sunglasses It can be controlled. So you can try all kinds of sunglasses, as long as you feel comfortable. Li Yifeng, however, because his chin is relatively round and can't show a thin face, it is more suitable for sunglasses with a wider frame and a sense of profile. Recommended sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB3532 Men's Sunglasses 001/68 Gold Ray-Ban RB4175 Men's Sunglasses 877/Z2 Black Gold/Pink, but no matter what your face shape, you should choose a pair of sunglasses for yourself in summer. Although there are more designs than female styles, there are still plenty of options. Related reading: sunglasses men sunglasses
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