Introduction to Sunglasses Care

u003cbru003eWhether it is the hot summer or the autumn season, it is still necessary to wear a pair of sunglasses. A suitable sunglasses can not only show your unique personality, but also block the harmful rays of the sun. It is a practical and beautiful fashion item. Sunglasses also need care, but do you know how to care for sunglasses? If you don’t know, please follow the editor to learn how to care for sunglasses. When taking care of sunglasses, the first thing you need to know is how to prevent lens scratches. Many people do not know how to wipe the water stains and dust on the sunglasses when using sunglasses, which causes the mirror surface of the sunglasses to be scratched. This not only affects the beauty of the sunglasses, but also damages your eyes. Therefore, when wiping sunglasses, be sure to wipe with a soft lens cloth, and the lens cloth for wiping lenses should also be cleaned regularly. Secondly, what you need to know is that sunglasses should not be corrosive drugs. Therefore, you can only rinse with water when cleaning sunglasses. If there is oil on the lenses, temples, and nose pads, use detergent or medium. Clean with soap and rinse with clean water. Later, you should also pay attention to the preservation of sunglasses. Many people like to wear sunglasses on their heads when they are not using them, which will affect the firmness of the temples. There are also car owners who like to throw their sunglasses on the dashboard of the car, and the hot high temperature environment in the car will affect the protective layer of the glasses. Therefore, when you are not wearing sunglasses, you must store the sun in a sunglasses bag or a sunglasses box, which can prevent dust and scratches and extend the life of the sunglasses. Eyewear experts remind you that wearing sunglasses for a long time will result in loose temples. Therefore, you need to go to the optical shop to adjust the glasses frequently, and ordinary stores will provide this service for free.
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