Is it necessary to bring a pair of sunglasses in summer?

u003cbru003eMany fashion workers will choose to wear a pair of cool' target='_blank'>sunglasses in the hot summer to enhance their fashion. But many people think, do I need a pair of sunglasses in summer? I don't need a concave shape. Today I will give you an answer. Recommended reading: Sunglasses buying tips Are sunglasses really needed? Normal eyes can adapt to light by themselves. The main reason for wearing colored glasses is that the eyes feel uncomfortable. Long-term exposure to strong sunlight during work can damage the eyes. 'The ability to tolerate strong light varies from person to person. If you squint or shed tears under the scorching sun, then you should wear sunglasses.' An ophthalmologist advised. Strong light is harmful to eyes. A person's frequent activities under the scorching sun will reduce his vision at night by half, so if you are walking long distances or on the beach, you should wear sunglasses. However, unless the ophthalmologist specifies that you wear dark glasses due to pathological conditions, do not always wear dark glasses in order to show off or hide your eye diseases. The Hong Kong Consumer Council has warned that after wearing sunglasses unnecessarily often will be addictive, you will feel uncomfortable if you don't wear sunglasses during the day. Will cheap sunglasses hurt your eyes? The simplest answer is: very likely. Inexpensive tinted lenses are blown, not polished. Blown glass is inevitably suffering from such problems. Substandard sunglasses are sold everywhere. Retailers say that these problems are minor and ordinary people will not notice. This statement is specious. When the problem is mild, the eye muscles can adapt to some extent, and continuous adaptation will result in muscle and nerve fatigue. Of course, if you are just doing solar dissolution and your eyes are not working, the problem will not be so serious. But if you want to work outdoors, such as building, reading, playing tennis, or driving a long distance under the scorching sun, your eyes must be up and down, left and right, and you need to use the entire range of the lens for non-stop activities. It is difficult to adapt to a pair of poor quality lenses.
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