Is the spectacle frame + clip good? Can it be used as sunglasses?

u003cbru003eThe clip is a clip or set of lenses designed to extend on the basis of the frame. It is often seen on the road that many people’s glasses also have a pair of sunglasses clips that can be turned up and down. When you are under the sun, you only need to flip down the sunglasses clip to cover the myopia lens, which plays a role of sun protection. When walking in the sun, the lens of the sunglasses is fixed on the frame of myopic glasses, and others look like they are wearing a pair of sunglasses; when you walk into the room, you only need to take off the lens of the sunglasses and you will be a pair of myopic glasses. This kind of lens is called 'set lens'. There are also three styles for fixing the sunglasses clip. One is to directly attract the two sides of the frame with magnets, and the other is to directly design the magnetic connection point in the nose bridge of the frame. , And the other is stuck on the frame. In addition to ordinary sunglasses, there is also a lens with polarized lenses. Sunglasses/Sunglasses clip eyeglass frame + clip is good? Can it be used as sunglasses? Clips are polarized sunglasses designed for nearsighted people, effectively preventing glare and ultraviolet rays. It is especially suitable for outdoor sports such as driving, outdoor and fishing. Using polarized lens technology, the visual resolution is greatly improved. Eliminate 99% of reflected light and scattered light, making your vision clearer and smoother. The lens is specially reinforced with a film, which is effective in resistance to abrasion, scratch and impact. The price of the sunglasses clip is quite affordable, and it is convenient to carry. You can wear it when you need it and take it off when you don't need it. It is very practical. Related reading: sunglasses sunglasses clip
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