It turned out to be a must-have item for summer concave styling!

u003cbru003eSeeing that summer is coming quietly, you who love beauty must not wait to go out to bask in the sun and feel the temperature of the sun. So what is good for summer concave shape? Yes, it is' target='_blank'>sunglasses! First of all, let the editor tell you how to choose sunglasses according to your face. 1. Guazi face is very jealous of the super-small slap face. When choosing sunglasses, you should avoid oversize square glasses. Try to choose round or cat-eye glasses. Nowadays the hot round sunglasses, lucky little faces, can try it! 2. Square face Square face gives people a tough feeling, so avoid choosing too square frames, but a slightly rounded square can make The contour is more supple. The frame should be thick and wide to express the bold lines. The narrow and delicate sunglasses will look very small and disproportionate when matched with the shape of the face. 3. Round face Round face should choose a square and wide frame, not too exaggerated cat eye, butterfly frame is also very suitable. Avoid round, light or childish shapes. A frame that is slightly wider than the face frame is suitable, and it can lengthen the face with long necklaces and long earrings. 4. Long face Long face is more suitable for oval or rectangular frame, which can make the face soft visually. The exaggerated temple design is also very good, attracting a certain amount of attention to balance the focus of the entire face. Short bead chains, round neck clothing and suitable sunglasses can make the long and narrow face look rounder and add beauty. Next, I want to recommend sunglasses to everyone!    Ray-Ban RB2180-F Men's Sunglasses 6229/7E Purple/Purple Ray-Ban RB3537 Men's Sunglasses 001/2Y Gold/Colorful Pink Ray-Ban RB3523 Men's Sunglasses 006/3R/Black/Hyun Color green film related reading: Seiko glasses with prescription sunglasses
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