It turns out that sunglasses also have an expiration date!

u003cbru003eWe all know that glasses have an expiration date and need to be replaced after a few years, but do you know that sunglasses also have an expiration date! Experts recommend replacing one pair every two years. Gucci GG3688/F/S Women's Sunglasses Tortoiseshell DWJDB Xinhua News Agency reported that researchers at the University of São Paulo in Brazil suggested that sunglasses need to be replaced every two years, because long-term exposure to sunlight will reduce the ability to protect against UV rays and easily damage the cornea. , Causing vision problems. Researchers conducted simulation experiments in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America. They placed sunglasses under a solar simulator at a distance of 30 centimeters from the light-emitting point and 'exposed' them for 50 hours to see the degradation of the lens' UV protection ability. The British 'Daily Mail' quoted researchers on the 26th and reported that it is safe to wear sunglasses for two years. The sunshine in different regions of the world is different. Tropical countries and regions have the highest levels of ultraviolet rays, even in winter, which means that the UV protection function of sunglasses degrades faster. In addition, residents in the southern hemisphere change sunglasses more frequently than those in the northern hemisphere. Researchers also said that long exposure time not only affects the UV protection of sunglasses, but the lenses are also more likely to break. The research results were published in the journal Biomedical Engineering Online. Research leader Professor Lillian Ventura said that this experiment did not accurately assess the quality of sunglasses, so the results were 'not enoughGucci GG3675/S Women's Sunglasses Black Gold 4WHJJ Although the sunglasses have an expiration date, we cannot ignore the maintenance of the sunglasses because they cannot be used after two years. The following editor will tell you how to maintain your sunglasses! (Related article: Sunglasses Maintenance strategy) The maintenance of sunglasses should be the same as ordinary optical glasses. Use a soft cotton cloth or special lens cleaning paper to remove dust or dirt on the lenses. If the lens is stained, grease or fingerprints, after wiping it, you should often clean it with lens cleaner to maintain the appearance of the glasses. It is best not to remove the stains on the lens with your hands or nails. In addition, it is not advisable to 'wear' sunglasses on the top of the head to avoid damage to the hooks. Carefully remove them when not wearing them. When placing the glasses, fold the glasses and put the mirror face up to avoid the lens face down. Related reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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