Just want to go retro and play with sunglasses

u003cbru003eThe plastic metal structure with different postures is surrounded by two thin colorful lenses, which simply create a different look of the glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses. For fashion people, in addition to the useful value of sun-shading, sunglasses are still an excellent accessory for dressing up cool and making stars. S9103 sunglasses C01 frame black / lens gradient gray sees retro personality again! This summer, when the big frame and big lens once again brought the retro personality to everyone, the kind of combination of elegance, sexy, cuteness and so on One-piece sunglasses has become the central focus of the trend. If you want to become a fashionable person, you must purchase retro sunglasses this summer. What are retro sunglasses? This retro sunglasses is extremely similar to the big sunglasses that were popular in the 1950s. The large spectacle lenses and the large frame occupy almost one-third of the face. Even half, just like the white-frame sunglasses worn by actress Hepburn before, they feature 'large frames and large lensesYC9801C1 black women’s fashion retro large frame polarized sunglasses. This year’s retro individual sunglasses shape is based on the change of circle and square shape. The expanded oval shape is the most popular eyeglass shape, and the angular square sunglasses are also the trend choice. . This large spectacle frame makes the silhouette of the sunglasses more prominent, outlines the lines of the entire pair of sunglasses, and sets off a more three-dimensional appearance of a person's face. The best practice criterion is to interpret criterion 1: The bigger the lens, the better, but you should choose according to the shape of your face. For example, you should wear sharp glasses for a round face, while the opposite is true for a square face. Rule 2: The color of the frame should be unexpected. For example, white like Hepburn is the best interpretation of retro personality. Rule 3: This year's retro personalized glasses are very eye-catching. The style of the large frame and the large lens is simple to attract people's attention. It will also make up for your lack of clothing allocation and make you full of stars. The three major performances of the retro criterion are that the retro style of sunglasses is strong this summer, and all kinds of retro sunglasses are highly sought after. In the meantime, there are three types of mirrors that are especially popular with fashion fans. Elegant and retro: The large-faced fly-mirror that covers half of the face once again spurs the trend of elegant and retro. These celebrities’ favorite sunglasses have a large lens area with a nostalgic big circle, oval and The square is the main style, it has a thick frame, worn on the face of melon seeds, it will make people become more delicate and elegant, it is the hot sunglasses style this year. Anta AT8006 White 2014 New Products Fashion Big Frame European and American Retro Women's Polarized Sunglasses Alternative Retro: Hacker cool mirrors have a square shape, and sunglasses with pure black and dark lenses are now on the clothing stage. What's more, the sunglasses worn by the protagonists in 'The Matrix' this year are not only favored by men who love to be cool, but also by many little girls. In Dior, Prada and other world-famous clothing shows, models have put on this kind of hacker-like glasses one after another, blending with colorful trendy clothing, there is a special charm. Trendy outfit + hacker mirror, if you want to be different, just deploy it like this! Dynamic retro: sports sunglasses with close-eye sports mirrors are always valued by young people every season. When participating in summer outdoor sports, useful and beautiful sports sunglasses come in handy. This year's newly launched sports sunglasses adopt the characteristics common to large retro sunglasses, and have a uniquely coiled close eye design. In the meantime, some sports mirrors are inspired by water sports, and provide the most suitable choices for water skiing, surfing, and jet-skiing enthusiasts. Professional sunglasses also provide a good choice for other sports. For example, the tennis sunglasses worn when playing tennis use amber lenses, which can absorb blue light and help maintain a clear vision during exercise. Sunglasses with straps on the frame have also become cool for basketball enthusiasts. Accessories. Related Reading: Retro Sunglasses Sunglasses
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