Know the characteristics of Ray-Ban sunglasses 3025 in many ways

u003cbru003eRay-Ban, founded in 1930, has been the best-selling brand glasses in the world since the establishment of the brand in the United States. Ray-Ban’s style is a timeless design, brief styles, classic styles lasting for a long time, new styles are more youthful, Ray-Ban’s flagship product sunglasses are well known, and the 3025 series of sunglasses have been well received over the years. Popularity. A pair of glasses can retain the hearts of the public and is favored by countless people. It must have its unique characteristics. Ray-Ban RB3025 gold frame green lens 112/19 colorful fashion casual sunglasses Ray-Ban sunglasses 3025 main features 1. Lens clarity: The lens has been finely polished on the surface and has super optical clarity. Moreover, the curvature of the lens is average, and it is not deformed, and it is comfortable to wear for a long time, which can prevent eye fatigue and headaches. 2. Lens impact resistance: In order to protect the eyes, each pair of lenses has undergone a 5/8 inch steel ball drop impact test to ensure its impact resistance. The natural hardness of the glass can effectively prevent scratches and make the glasses more durable. 3. Lens color and function: The color stability is very high, no matter how long the lens is exposed to the sun, it will not change color or lighten. In addition, the lens can filter infrared rays to keep the eyes cool and comfortable, and filter blue light to enhance color contrast, and the field of vision is more clear. 4. Frame style design: The design is bold and avant-garde, with metallic elements colliding with the coating of individual colors, which outlines a flamboyant and tasteful style. The linearly decorated mirror arms have revealed the theme of simplicity, and the wire-frame-shaped classic toad mirror frame is to emphasize the overall elegance. The slender temples are designed with slight undulations, which are ergonomic, and exquisite workmanship, attention to detail, and very comfortable to wear. Ray-Ban sunglasses 3025 is a classic sunglasses, suitable for all face shapes, and the color is also very dazzling. Whether you want to show the domineering side leakage of the strong brother or want to show the fresh personality of the MM type, it is a good choice~ Related Reading: Ray-Ban glasses
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