Korean fashion sunglasses brand recommendation

u003cbru003eAlthough the relationship between China and South Korea has been extremely tense recently, Korean trendy culture is still becoming more and more popular in China. Especially in recent years, the promotion of Korean local fashion single-product sunglasses brands has increased, and some local sunglasses brands have gradually become popular internationally. So, what are the Korean fashion sunglasses brands? The following editor carefully recommends a few for everyone!  1. GentleMonster sunglasses brand    GENTLEMONSTER is a high-end Korean fashion eyewear brand that combines products, space, style, culture, and technology in five areas: product, space, style, culture, and technology with the purpose of 'innovative high-end experiment'. Always adhere to a unique and reasonable design, special display space, and multi-themed product highlights, which make GENTLE MONSTER more unique than other eyewear brands. Recommended reading: GentleMonster sunglasses series loved by celebrities   2. GlassesCOVE sunglasses brand   GLASSES COVE is a Korean fashion sunglasses brand, Chinese name: Glass COVE. It was born in New York, USA in 2011. The design style of GLASSES COVE is bold, with bright colors and avant-garde elements. Some frames can be matched with CLIP. The brand focuses on fashion design, creating the lightest and most comfortable sunglasses in the world. It is the first choice sunglasses for Korean entertainment stars, and the first place in the search for fashion goods by the Korean search engine Naver.  3. Paul Hueman sunglasses brand    Paul Hueman is a mirror brand under the Bando Group, the leading eyewear brand in Korea. It is supervised by Andre Kim, the godfather of Korean fashionistas. The brand concept is intended to create a style that is free from the frame, free and unconventional. The new Paul Hueman glasses recently launched are designed to embody the free spirit of young people who are not restrained and show their true nature, full of simplicity and urbanism. The design and the repaired frame are also suitable for Asian faces, and there are demonstration glasses series of Korean celebrities below.  4. ALO sunglasses brand    ALO This is a local Korean fashion eyewear brand, not only the price is commonplace, but the design is also consistent with the Japanese and Korean style. The designer is also Korean, the style is mainly retro big frame, the color follows the unique taste of Koreans, and the dark color is the main style, keeping up with the trend. To set up a branch in South Korea, equipped with optician services, including the price of the lens is about 300-1000 yuan, which is very popular among young people, especially students. Recommended Reading: 5 Fashion Sunglasses Brands Worth Buying in 2017 Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses Brands
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