Learn to wear glasses for TV stars, you can also be fashionable

u003cbru003eToday, the editor will introduce to you the glasses fashion of three beautiful stars, Song Jixiao, Cui Jiangxi, and Shin Sekyo, and tips on how to wear glasses. Let’s take a look at how these three TV female stars wear glasses. I believe the editor, learn At once, you can also be very fashionable. Part1: Song Ji Hyo's Glasses + Hat Style In the SBS variety show 'Running ManEspecially when she wears glasses when she is without makeup, she shows a different style. She often wears a baseball cap with animal prints, coupled with frame glasses, which looks small and cute; when wearing a beanie, she also wears matching glasses to create her own fashion style. Nowadays, framed glasses have almost become the symbol of Song Zhixiao, making her smile softer and face more delicate, arousing popularity. The editor reminds everyone that when wearing frame glasses, the size of the frame is very important. If the frame is too large, it will cover your face; if the frame is too small, it will make your face look very large. Therefore, Song Zhixiao is very wise in the choice of glasses every time. Although the glasses she wears are not too gorgeous, they are not unremarkable, adding a bit of freedom to her image and making them lovable. Part2: Cui Jiangxi and Shin Se Kyung's round-frame glasses. South Korea’s representative beauty of babes, Cui Gang Hee, and “national bagel girl” Shin Se Kyung, both appeared in variety shows wearing fashionable glasses. In the variety show 'Two Days and One Night' and the KBS TV series 'Iron ManWhen Cui Jiangxi chooses glasses, he often chooses round glasses with wide frames to look younger. This kind of round glasses with wide frames can not only 'beautify' the age, but also make some people with 'sharp' looks gentle. The frame of the glasses worn by Shin Shijing is narrow, giving the impression of being a little cold and arrogant. Glasses with this kind of frame are more suitable for people with round faces. When wearing, also pay attention to the glasses frame not to be too large, otherwise it will give people a more dull and intact feeling. Related reading: Fashion glasses frame glasses
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