Let celebrities explain the difference between wearing sunglasses and taking photos without sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses have become more and more closely related to our lives. Nowadays, they are no longer simply protecting the eyes. Now they are a tool for pretending, street shooting, and selfies. But because sunglasses are too fanciful, handsome, and cold, so many shy people dare not wear sunglasses, but I believe that after reading the following stars explain the difference between wearing sunglasses and not wearing sunglasses for you, you will Need a pair of sunglasses to add color to your life. Recommended reading: All the celebrities will show you the style of the trendy brand sunglasses Gentle Monster. Last year, Hu made several hot searches for sunglasses and glasses, and each time he attracted endless 'idiotic eyes'. In this photo of Lao Hu at the airport, the clothes he wears are light and lively, but the design is very restrained and stable, which not only shows the freedom of young people, but also retains the traditional calm and restrained. Do you think this outfit with this pair of sunglasses is very suitable for Lao Hu's temperament? Shen Mengchen, wearing a big red dress, is very eye-catching in the crowd, and the black dress is cool and starry! To be honest, Shen Mengchen looks good A little fat, her big face is all highlighted when she is not wearing sunglasses, but the big black sunglasses completely make her face delicate and exquisite. Once in the 1990s, the 'Four Heavenly Kings' that swept the world, everyone must still remember? In the most prosperous period of the 'Four Heavenly KingsAs the youngest of the four heavenly kings and the highest-valued one, Liming has the qualities of a noble prince. So far, many people must remember that when watching the first episode of 'Yuan ZhenxiaThe shape of aviator sunglasses in the play is also deeply in the minds of the audience. This looks really handsome in sunglasses. Tang Yan wears sunglasses every time she goes out of the street. Some people here may say that the attire of celebrities out of the street is not all like this! But Tang Yan is different, she usually uses sunglasses as accessories to embellish her clothes. Look, is Tang Yan's cartoon patch baseball jacket jacket and sunglasses more aura? This first photo is a blockbuster shot by Wu Yanzu for the endorsement of a certain eyewear brand. In the photo, Daniel Wu wearing sunglasses is powerful, handsome, and charming. This photo is a still from the TV series 'Tornado Girl' by Chen Xiang. In the photo, the classic brown hair dye makes Chen Xiang's short hair full of fashionable and big-name temperament. The perfect combination of large side distribution + upper comb bangs gives people a full sense of fashion, and the embellishment of sunglasses makes Chen Xiang's overbearing son aura. . The photogenic effect of Chen Xiang wearing sunglasses is quite strong compared with that without sunglasses. Recommended reading: A pair of celebrities' favorite colorful sunglasses, don’t you really have one? Related Reading: Star Sunglasses Same Sunglasses Star Sunglasses
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