Let's take a look at those outdated classic sunglasses


Speaking of sunglasses, its history is very long, but those classic sunglasses have been popular to this day, let us take a look at those outdated classic sunglasses~ summer is coming, friends You can buy it! Retro round frame sunglasses Ray-Ban RB4222 Men's sunglasses 6224/13 Brown/White/Tea round sunglasses are really difficult to control. If you don’t have the uncle style like the picture above, HOLD can’t hold it, just pay no attention. It is a 'blind Ah Bing' style! So the two retro round-frame sunglasses we selected are all basic styles. The round lens is held by the overhanging plate frame, which greatly reduces the difficulty of matching clothes. Modern square sunglasses YC9705 universal sunglasses C5 tortoiseshell/tan retro round frame. Although it has been very hot in recent years, the modern square-shaped sunglasses are still not far behind. With a simple American casual style, it is still modern. The style of sunglasses can be unified! At the same time, square-frame sunglasses can also highlight the taste of hip-hop rap. If you think round-frame sunglasses are too popular, you may wish to change your taste! Mechanical retro sunglasses YC9713 Universal sunglasses C1 gun color/grey mechanical retro style sunglasses Not to mention that it is inseparable from Thom Browne. Every season, Thom Browne will launch retro-style sunglasses with 'shadesA metal frame is decorated on the outside of the frame, which can actually be regarded as mechanical retro-style sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses has a strong styling effect, so the clothing does not need to be matched with overly exaggerated styling items to be able to shape well.
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