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u003cbru003eSunglasses have always been fashionable. Wearing fashionable clothes and wearing your own unique style can show your charm, highlight the golden ratio figure, and show your tall and perfect figure. How to use sunglasses Make you a perfect transformation? Today, let the editor teach you how to perfectly combine sunglasses and makeup to create a queen of variety! [Girlish Style] Girls are very greedy for makeup, especially color choices. The simple matte base makeup does not add any BB elements, focusing on sunglasses and cherry lips. The fashionable frog sunglasses are full of fashion sense, and they look refreshing and casual, highlighting the lovely and pure atmosphere, and are also a perfect substitute for colored eye makeup. Pink lip gloss feels more girlish, and the lip painting method should abandon the lip line and faint the lip line 'small scale' to make the round and full lip shape more fashionable and young. [Retro style] Elegant and calm cobalt blue, navy blue, and dark-tone lake blue are all fashionable colors that frequently appear in street photography, and the whole body blue color combination is eye-catching. The round retro blue mirror surface exudes noble mystery. If you are a 'sag thin faceRetro red is used for the back lip makeup. The collision of blue and red is enough to make the “face color” full of excitement. [Elegance] Linda Cantello, creative director of 2014 Giorgio Armani Beauty, traced back to the 1930s with a touch of Hollywood charm, and created 'Effetto Nudo' skin makeup effect, making nude makeup hot again. A thorough makeup without pores, a thin and bright highlight, coupled with nude powder blush and lip color, this combination of similar tones conveys the color philosophy of modern makeup. This cat-eye sunglasses that is enough to steal the spotlight is also enough to add the finishing touch, and it feels like 'a mirror to conceal a thousand sorrows' micro-sense. [Neutral style] As the mainstream of girl dressing, it seems that it is always beautiful and sweet, but eclectic, do you still want to try other routes occasionally, the male and the female should not be too exaggerated, the neutral and cool Can try. First of all, sleek and bold eyebrows are indispensable, and then the charming eyes of a woman must choose a 'serious temperament' sunglasses to modify it. [Simple style] In addition to the eye-catching colors, the pure white eyeliner also topped the fashion list this season, full of playfulness. Professional makeup artist Dodo Auyeung pointed out that the white inner eyeliner can increase the proportion of white eyes, make the eyes round and bright, suitable for women with thin eyes. But if you are not accustomed to painting white, find it too abrupt, and like this white trend, then don't worry about white sunglasses, it will only increase the makeup effect. Every woman hopes that she can be different and can always bring freshness to people, so you might as well try the editor's suggestions, let you show your fashion to your heart's content! Related reading: sunglasses lenses
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