Let the stars teach you how to control frame glasses

u003cbru003eFrame glasses have long since emerged from the image of 'stupid, ugly, and rigidCelebrities also like to use frame glasses to establish new images and show different temperaments. Let the stars teach you how to control frame glasses. Wang Chuanjun's slender figure shows the charm of a mature man, wearing a suit jacket and handsome appearance. His colorful shirt is full of frankness. The shape of tortoiseshell round-frame glasses is eye-catching. Not only is he fashionable, he also establishes the image of a stable mature man. Lin Chiling, the goddess, is also a big fan of glasses, but a standard V face with square glasses seems more suitable. Because the V face is a standard beauty face, in order not to hide most of the face behind the glasses, it is recommended not to choose a style with a frame that is too large or too exaggerated. A Sa’s standard baby face, round face with square glasses seems to be more pleasing to the eye, and it also compensates for the flaws of round face, but the frame should be slightly thicker, the lens color should be colder, darker glasses have a 'tightening' face Visual effects. Liu Shishi seems to concentrate on being a full-time wife, she rarely appears on the screen, and her recent public appearance seems to be the image spokesperson of Voge Glasses. Liu Shishi said that she is usually lazy and likes to use glasses to decorate, without any makeup, it is convenient, and has a unique taste. Fortunately, Liu Shishi's oval face wears all kinds of glasses. Frame glasses can be used as a decoration artifact for lazy people, and can also be used as a fashionable accessory. Sometimes you want to change your style or feel that your image is missing a taste. You might as well try wearing a pair of glasses. Maybe there will be unexpected surprises. ~ Related reading: Voge glasses frame glasses
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