List of high-tech new glasses

u003cbru003eThere is no doubt that glasses have become one of the essential items in our daily life. Friends who are short-sighted can use them to see the distant scenery. They can wear sunglasses if they want to make the makeup more beautiful. Put on a pair of cosmetic contact lenses. In short, glasses play a very important role in our lives. In today's high-tech society, glasses have also been given distinctive functions, let's take a look! Sagawa Fujii plate + alloy 81233 tortoiseshell color C221 trendy neutral myopia frame. High-tech glasses radio glasses invented in the United States: unique design, with a micro-radio mounted on it. After people wear this kind of sunglasses, they only need to install the micro-battery. Insert the earplugs into the socket on the frame and turn a small knob to listen to the radio. Night reading glasses: very convenient to use and very popular. This kind of glasses is equipped with a miniature battery in the interlayer of the glasses, and a miniature bulb is mounted on the upper corner of the eyebrow frame. As long as the wearer presses the switch, the wearer can read a book or newspaper. A new type of glasses specially designed for colorblind patients: It has good effect and unique design. There are 3 special filters on the lens of the glasses. After the colorblind patients wear this kind of glasses, the color vision can be restored and various colors can be distinguished. Glasses that lower blood pressure: their appearance is like sunglasses, with white square wire frames in the two lenses. After the hypertensive patient wears it, flashing phantoms will appear in front of the eyes, which slows down the brain wave activity and tends to relax the mood, which can reduce the blood pressure. High-tech glasses invented in Japan Japan has put a kind of changeable glasses on the market, causing a sensation. When not in use on weekdays, the texture of this kind of glasses is hard, but after being put on, due to the influence of human body temperature, this kind of glasses can become soft, which makes the wearer feel very comfortable. Technicians from Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation have developed a kind of refreshing glasses that can catch the 'sleepy bugs' for the driver's body. Its frame is equipped with extremely sensitive small sensors, and two extremely thin metal sheets are pasted on the driver's eyelids. Because the interval between blinking when a person is dozing off will be longer, and the waveform of the eyelid will change accordingly. Therefore, the miniature sensor can obtain information from the metal sheet. The information sent by the miniature sensor will make the alarm signal to wake up the driver, thereby dispelling sleepiness and avoiding car accidents. Sagawa Fujii sheet + wood 7425DC28 tortoiseshell retro trendy unisex myopia frame high-tech glasses invented in France See behind. In order to make it easier for people to walk at night, France has developed a kind of night vision glasses. It consists of electronic components, micro-batteries and filters, which can convert the out-of-line light emitted by the object into light visible to the naked eye. Other high-tech glasses British researchers invented a new type of smart glasses with a microcomputer in the frame that can automatically adjust the degree of the lens. If the vision of the wearer changes, there is no need to change the lens again. A new type of glasses developed in Russia can be used to take pictures, and is quite popular with consumers after being put on the market. This kind of photographic glasses uses double spectacle lenses to capture images. The camera is installed in the middle of the bridge of the nose and the shutter is installed on the frame. Related Reading: Mingyue Lens
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