Long-legged beauties love sunglasses to repair their faces

u003cbru003eLong-legged oppa is cute, and long-legged beauties are also cute. In this era of accessories, whether it is a long-legged oppa or a long-legged beauty, they love to bring a few accessories to decorate themselves, among which sunglasses bear the brunt. Let’s take a look at the beautiful pictorial of the long-legged beauties and sunglasses! Tang Yan, the long-legged beauties, wore a two-piece white T and pleated skirt to attend the annual meeting of endorsement sunglasses brands on February 15th. 'Legs' came to the stage for seven consecutive shots, full of cuteness. In addition to participating in activities, Tang Yan is also a well-known sunglasses control at the airport. Various types of mirrors are changed in turn, making people dizzy. Tang Yan is dressed in fashion with the same box sunglasses, a pair of round reflective sunglasses, fashionable and cool, for more beautiful photos, please click for details: The long-legged beauty Yang Mi, as Tang Yan’s good Chinese girlfriend, is also the current hit drama 'Three Lives III' The female number one of 'Ten Miles of Peach BlossomThis Valentine's Day, Yang Mi did not participate in the 'dog food' team that day, but showed up at the airport alone. A baseball cap and a pair of big round sunglasses are very handsome! Recommended reading: Yang Mi, Tang Yan, who is slightly better than the long-legged beauty Tong Liya On February 15th, the Weibo of Tong Liya's studio updated a group of photos of Tong Liya attending an event. This It was also the first time that Tong Liya appeared to participate in the event since her husband Chen Sicheng 'derailed'. In the photo, Liya Tong is very handsome, with shoulder-length and short haircuts. She shows off her fair and beautiful legs on the scene. Liya Tong poses with sunglasses in her hand and poses with black-rimmed glasses to show her intellectual and elegant side, full of charm! Wo! Grid VO5037-D Ladies Glasses Frame 2393 Tortoiseshell Frame Blue Legged Beauty Lin Chiling Lin Chiling, as the goddess in the hearts of many men, is always concerned. On February 15, Lin Chiling appeared in a company's annual meeting in a sexy black high-slit skirt , The slender legs under the skirt are looming, and the tall and good figure is really enviable. In addition, sister Zhiling is a cool black super mask, stealing a little domineering in the sexy! Related reading: celebrity women with sunglasses and sunglasses
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