Men buying sunglasses must know the skills

u003cbru003eWhen men go out, in addition to sun protection, they also need to prepare a' target='_blank'>sunglasses that suits them! There are many types of men’s sunglasses, but not all sunglasses are suitable for them! So men choose sunglasses You need to consider your own factors, so what should you pay attention to when buying sunglasses? Let’s learn together! Men usually think that sunglasses only need to block the sun and protect the eyes. As everyone knows, sunglasses are also made. An indispensable tool for styling. For men, the choice of sunglasses is not only shade, but also makes you look more radiant. Ray-Ban RB4225 Men’s Sunglasses 646/55 Transparent Frame Need to Match the Face Shape. The match of the frame and face shape determines whether this sunglasses suits you. Usually we use the shape of the frame to modify the deficiencies of the face shape, such as dolls. For men with a face, choosing a square frame is more suitable for him, which can soften the facial lines, while for a man with a square face, a round frame is more suitable. It is important to choose the color of the lens according to the skin color. The color of the lens of the sunglasses can not only block the glare, but also protect the eyes. In fact, the choice of the color of the lens has a great relationship with the skin color. It is generally recommended that men with slightly white skin can try light-colored sunglasses, including brown and light gray, so that the color of the lens can set off the skin color, making men look gentle and elegant; and men with darker skin should choose a darker color The sunglasses will be more suitable for your skin tone. How Men Should Choose Sunglasses The main function of sunglasses is to help resist the glare, but many men think that as long as they are sunglasses, they don’t need to choose at all! This is a wrong idea. Men choose sunglasses according to their face shape. And skin quality, this is not only for beauty, but also for the performance of your own eyes! So come and see how men choose sunglasses? Ray-Ban RB4242 unisex glasses frame 6201/13 brown sunglasses need to be according to the face shape Choose based on the basic principle of correcting the face shape, try to avoid wearing frames that are too similar to your face shape, so as not to cause the lines of the face to be overemphasized. If your face is square, you should choose a frame that is slightly wider than your face shape, as this will make your face look slightly slender. If your face is round, angular and square frames will help modify the lines of your face. Sunglasses that are too dark or light are not good. Sunglasses that are too dark are likely to have traffic accidents due to poor traffic signal recognition capabilities. Sunglasses that are too light cannot block the sun. You may wish to give it a try when you choose sunglasses: that is, you must try them when you buy them. Look at the change in the surrounding environment. Generally speaking, the color of sunglasses with small changes in chromatic aberration is more appropriate. We all know that one of the most important functions of sunglasses is UV protection. Of course, the above is not absolute. Personal preferences and needs for special occasions should also be included in the selection of men's sunglasses. In any case, under the premise of ensuring the effectiveness of sunglasses to care for the eyes, the best choice for you is the best choice. This article is from Family Doctor Online, with slight modification, if you need to delete it, please contact Related reading: Men’s Sunglasses Prada
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