Men's Sunglasses Brand Ranking

u003cbru003eWhat are the famous brands of men’s sunglasses? What brand of sunglasses are good and popular? Today I will introduce the ranking of the top ten men’s sunglasses brands. Let’s take a look! One, Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) ): Founded in 1930, it is a special product for US Air Force pilots. It is a pioneer in the high-end eyewear market and a best-selling brand in the world. 2. Prosun: Founded in 1991 by MAOLIN Group of Taiwan, it adheres to the product concept of 'fashion technology' and focuses on the development and design of polarized sunglasses. In the overall design of the product, new popular concepts and elements are added to satisfy consumers who do not need it. 3. Tyrannosaurus: As an international famous brand, Tyrannosaurus sunglasses have always been adhering to the leading design concepts in the fashion industry, designing fashion and elegance in depth, using innovative new technology to reflect the innovative style that Tyrannosaurus sunglasses have always pursued. 4. PORPOISE: It is a cutting-edge international brand in the world. It is carefully designed by senior domestic designers to integrate international and domestic trends. It integrates all the fashion elements and reflects the colorfulness of the sunglasses world. Yes, domestic One of the best-selling brands in the retail market. 5. Montblanc: Founded in Europe, after nearly a century, it has developed into a diversified high-end brand. Using space lens, the lens with anti-scratch treatment is not easy to break. It conforms to the European standard for lens dyeing degree and prevents daily ultraviolet radiation, making you comfortable to wear. 6. Armani: In 1975, Armani, who was more than 70 years old, was still active in the high-end fashion industry. It not only provided complete UV protection, but also allowed you to show a different mature taste from head to toe. 7. Gucci (GUCCI): Founded in 1923 in Florence, Italy, it is an Italian luxury fashion brand. The high-end production process perfectly combines the spectacle frames with fashion elements. The novel design makes every detail smooth, providing consumers with safety and security. Comfortable and beautiful experience of wearing glasses. 8. PARIM: A Taiwanese fashion brand that entered the mainland market in 1992. It has always followed the romantic European style. It combines fashion, sophistication, comfort, durability and other elements into one, and is very popular with consumers. . IX. OAKLEY: Founded in 1975, with its outstanding mirror-making technology and strong innovative technology support, it is exclusively customized for Asian consumers, allowing consumers to enjoy the 'high-definition and unbounded' wearing experience. 10. Versace: It is a well-known high-quality brand in Italy. Versace eyeglass frames pay attention to the beauty of the fresh design style, combining artistry and practicality into one. The diverse styles make more people love it. Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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