Men's trend eight accessories

u003cbru003eTo go out in 2019 with eight fashionable accessories. Accessories are a great way to add a bit of color and personality to the simplest garments. Recommended reading: Teach you to become a fashionista! How do business men choose glasses? 1. Brightly colored socks If you work in an office with a strict professional closet, fancy and colorful socks are a good way to suggest your personality without causing commotion on the coffee machine. 2. Fabric watch strap and hybrid bracelet Mix it with fabric strap and several threaded bracelets to create an adventurous nautical look. The bracelet may look feminine, but with a twisted style in rugged colors, it has no 'female3. The elegant SLIM TIE wears a slim tie to pull your suit together so that you can show the elegant side. If you feel more charming, you can try irregular fabrics such as wool or tweed. 4. Retro hats Nodding with retro hats to go back in time and really make a statement. Even if your other clothes are very simple, such as white shirts and dark jeans, retro hats can really add an extra boost to your personality. 5. VINTAGE LEATHER KICKS put on retro-style leather shoes. If you feel more bold, choose colorful shades to really add color to your appearance and leave a lasting impression. 6. PATTERN POCKET SQUARE stands out from other suits, with fashionable pocket squares, bringing some quiet style. This look is even suitable for casual suit jackets with the edges of everyday styles. 7. Unique and simple belt Use a unique and simple belt to add a finishing touch to the basic dress. Warm leather tones are an easy way to add some understated colors. 8. Sunglasses are the last and most important thing-fashion sunglasses. With the coming of Spring, you need a unique pair of retro-style sunglasses to avoid the bright sunlight and keep cool even in hot weather. Depending on your face shape, pilots with top bars are a trend this season.
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