Misunderstandings of wearing sunglasses when driving in summer!

u003cbru003eIn summer, many drivers choose to wear sunglasses when driving. However, if you choose the wrong sunglasses, it will not only make the sun 'blind your eyesRecommended reading: About sunglasses, you should know the 'cold' knowledge misunderstanding 1: The darker the color, the better. Many people take it for granted that the darker the color, the better the UV protection function. In fact, the function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coated film, and the color is not as dark as possible. Because the sunglasses lens will delay the time when the optic nerve transmits the signal, resulting in distortion of the speed perception, and the driver wearing the sunglasses will make a wrong judgment. Investigations show that when a car or motorcycle is moving at a speed of 80 km/h, too deep sunglasses will extend the driver’s response to the situation by 100 milliseconds, thereby increasing the sudden braking interval of 2.2 meters. Misunderstanding 2: Polarized lenses are most suitable. Many drivers like to wear polarized lenses. Indeed, polarized lenses can reduce glare, eliminate glare, and make the line of sight natural and soft. But in fact, polarized lenses are more suitable for large-area reflective environments such as fishing and skiing. Sometimes when facing dark scenes such as tunnels, the polarizer is easy to make people suddenly black. In addition, the polarizer will make the color of the LCD screen and LED traffic light fade. Therefore, when choosing a polarizer, it is best to choose a good quality optical lens, and when going through a tunnel, it is best to take off the glasses in advance and blink more. Misunderstanding 3: Do not wear myopia Some drivers are slightly short-sighted, and it is no problem not to wear myopia when driving. But once you put on sunglasses, the problem comes: your eyes are more fatigued and your eyesight will decrease, just like your eyesight will be affected when driving at night. Therefore, drivers with slight myopia usually have no problem driving. If they want to wear sunglasses, they must be equipped with myopia lenses. Misunderstanding 4: Young people with fancy and fashionable sunglasses will have sunglasses in various colors. They look good, but they should not be used when driving. For example, pink and purple lenses will change the color and spectrum. In fact, it’s best to use gray lenses for sunglasses, because they don’t change the basic color spectrum. The second is dark green. Brown and yellow lenses have the effect of improving brightness, and are more suitable for foggy and dusty environments. Related Reading: Polarized Sunglasses Sunglasses
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