Most people are indifferent to sunglasses brands

u003cbru003eIntroduction: People don't seem to have much idea about sunglasses brands. Except for several very limited well-known brands such as Tyrannosaurus and Ray-Ban, the sunglasses on the market are mostly high-quality brands such as Armani, Du0026G, Chanel, and LV. Many people who wear sunglasses today can't escape the suspicion of being cool and handsome. Are people willing to spend more on this fashion item? People value its decorative attributes more? Or practical attributes? We conducted a micro-survey with 50 readers. Men value styling more than women. In this survey, we distributed questionnaires to 25 men and 25 women. They are all between 18 and 45 years old, and they are currently the mainstream consumer group for sunglasses. Women tend to be more emotional than men when they consume. This is our consistent consensus. However, the survey shows that women are more rational than men in buying sunglasses. Among the multiple choices of 'Which factors do you care about sunglasses. Among the male respondents, only 4 people chose 'Material' and 19 people chose 'Styling'. This shows that men pay more attention to the decorative role of sunglasses than women. A large part of this is because women often hope that sunglasses can help them achieve sun protection purposes, so they pay more attention to issues such as lens materials. The concept of the brand is very vague. Unlike other consumer products, people don’t seem to have much conception of sunglasses brands. Except for several very limited well-known brands such as Tyrannosaurus and Ray-Ban, the sunglasses on the market are mostly high-quality brands such as Armani, Du0026G, Chanel, and LV. There are not many brands of mass consumption level. Most interviewees said that they do not know what brand of sunglasses they are using. In the survey, on the question 'What brand of sunglasses are you currently using?. It is precisely because of the indifference to brand awareness that professional eyeglass shops or shopping malls are not the best choice for most people to buy sunglasses. Of the 50 interviewees, a total of 19 people said they would buy sunglasses in optical shops and shopping malls, while another 17 people chose “online shopping” and 14 people chose “fashion shops”. In the survey, we found that the respondents' attitude towards the spending on sunglasses shows a trend of polarization. In the question: 'How much are you willing to spend on sunglassesSelected '300 yuan-500 yuanFrom this point of view, 12 respondents are willing to pay for sunglasses above RMB 1,000, accounting for 24% of the total; 31 people are only willing to buy sunglasses with a price of less than RMB 300, accounting for 62% of the total; Only 14% of the people who chose the 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan in the middle zone. It can be seen that when people consume sunglasses, they are either willing to spend money, or simply save while saving. Mid-range sunglasses are not popular. Nowadays, the colors of sunglasses lenses are also varied. Generally speaking, it is better to choose brown or brown lenses in summer. On the one hand, because these two colors of lenses absorb and filter strong light and ultraviolet rays better; on the other hand, because brown lenses can provide better color perception, they can clearly distinguish colors after wearing them. The brown lenses help us see the subtle parts of the object in the harsh sunlight, so when driving, it is appropriate to wear brown sunglasses. Conclusion: Sunglasses can be a stylish single product with a straight shape, but for their role in protecting glasses, we still have to be careful when choosing them. Article Title: Most people are indifferent to sunglasses brands.
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