Mountaineering essential: sunglasses

u003cbru003eSnow on high mountains can easily damage the eyes. In terms of ultraviolet rays, the reflected light of snow at a height of 10,000 feet is more than 50% of that of the sea. The naked eye is easily damaged, causing great pain, called snow blindness, and sun. Glasses can reduce this damage, but don't be fooled by cloudy weather, because ultraviolet rays can penetrate the clouds, and the dazzling light can cause headaches. Sunglasses will have a 95%-100% filtering effect. Sunglasses used for glacier travel need to have a transmission rate of 5-10 and multi-purpose sunglasses have a transmission rate of 20. Look in the mirror when you buy. If you can easily see your eyes, they are too bright. The color of the lens is gray or green-if you want to see the real color, if you want to see the real color, if you want to look carefully in cloudy or foggy weather Choose yellow lenses. For infrared rays, unless you look directly at the sun, you will be directly damaged. However, ordinary sunglasses can prevent infrared rays from penetrating and protect your eyes. Sunglasses must have side protection devices to reduce the sun's penetration of the eyes. There must be good ventilation equipment to prevent lens fogging, or use anti-fog lenses or anti-fog cleaners. You need to bring a spare pair of sunglasses to avoid loss. You can also use cardboard or clothes to cut thin strips to cover your eyes. Most rock climbers prefer to use contact lenses, because the glasses will slide on the bridge of the nose, which can improve visual acuity and will not appear water spots, but there are still disadvantages such as too much sun, wind sand, and dirt will cause eye inflammation. At the same time It is not easy to clean and maintain in the suburbs.
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