Multi-screen Blu-ray protective goggles fully attack

u003cbru003eAs the weather picks up, sunglasses have become a must-have when going out on the street. In addition to the high standard, the important reason for wearing sunglasses is to prevent purple! Outside! Line! Nowadays, the harm of ultraviolet rays is attracting more and more attention. In addition to sunburning the skin, causing skin cancer, it is more lethal to the fragile eyes. . We all know that protection from ultraviolet radiation is very important, but you ignore the more powerful hazard than ultraviolet light-blue light!!! HEV (short-wave blue light) refers to high-energy short-wave blue light between 415nm and 435nm. Our commonly used LED lights, mobile phones, computers, etc. all have high-energy shortwave blue light. 1.56 How terrible is blue light in anti-blue light computer and mobile phone radiation spectacle lenses? Expert research shows: using new LED light sources, the amount of ultraviolet and blue light increased by normal people in a year is equivalent to the amount of exposure to the sun during a holiday in the Mediterranean. ! Blue light is everywhere in our daily life and work, which not only causes visual fatigue, but also causes macular degeneration and even blindness. If the average young people are exposed to blue light for 3 hours a day, the age-related macular degeneration in their old age will occur about 10 years earlier, and the chance of blindness doubles! What kind of glasses can fully protect against harmful light? ?——Multi-screen blue light protective glasses! Wanxin multi-screen blue light protective glasses can fully resist harmful light. Using UV+420cutTM technology, it can effectively filter out HEV (shortwave blue light) and UV (ultraviolet rays) below 420nm, providing more effective protection for the eyes Protection! Tests show that multi-screen blue light protective glasses can effectively block UV and HEV, care for the health of the eyes, comprehensive protection, and more trustworthy. In the spring, not only the sun is dazzling, but the busy work is also inseparable from the computer. UV and HEV are double-attached. You need more powerful protective glasses. Wanxin multi-screen blue light protective glasses are on the market. Let the protection upgrade and protect the eyes. Related reading: Anti-blue lens and anti-radiation glasses
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