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The influence of glasses on people's lives is getting bigger and bigger, and it also plays a more and more important role. The choice of glasses has become a crucial matter. Fashion matching of glasses should not only consider the coordination between face shape and frame, the correspondence between frame material and professional identity, or the alignment of color with the occasion of use, etc., but more importantly, today’s frames also have a fashion language and become you Style label. Glasses have become a personal icon. The wonder of the shape of glasses is that it is the focus of facial accessories, so it can leave an indelible impression. Just like this, many celebrities are remembered because of a pair of glasses. . Li Ka-shing drove the mall with a pair of black glasses. Although he was thin in appearance, this pair of oversized glasses made the old man more wise. Compared with the photos of Li Ka-shing without glasses, he is obviously more energetic and youthful with glasses. At the same time, this slightly retro-elements frame also makes him more friendly, which is often called the 'richest man'. In general, it is a very important public relations image building. The famous architect Pei I.M. Pei has been fond of round glasses for decades, which makes his image deeply rooted in people's hearts and become a good mark of personal style. Ronnie Corbett is an American comedian, maybe you are not familiar with his name, but when you see the photo of him wearing glasses, you will suddenly realize that 'it is him'. He has been showing people with tortoiseshell glasses for decades. In addition to the feeling, he also seemed very kind. Glasses can also speak People always say 'eyes can speakBill Gates, the former president of Microsoft, is a typical American businessman, and he chooses more delicate metal frames. This kind of frame looks shrewd enough but unassuming, just in line with Gates' own relatively low-key personality. Lightweight metal frames, whether framed or rimless, are not too exaggerated. For professionals, it is a safe choice for insurance. This kind of frame can easily convey the message: I pay attention to efficiency, pay attention to details, taste exquisite, and trustworthy. Therefore, this frame is a good choice for business professionals in the workplace. Frames made of tortoiseshell, resin, and various types of plates will add a sense of intimacy. Therefore, many older and successful people prefer this type of frame. As mentioned earlier, Li Ka-shing and I.M. Pei would often express themselves in this type of glasses: I have the accumulation of years and years, and calmness and calmness are my labels. Four pairs of glasses are standard for perfect shapes. If you need to wear glasses for a long time, then the reasonable configuration is four pairs. According to the traditional theory, we will classify them according to the different occasions: two pairs for work, one pair for leisure, and one pair for parties. The reason is also well understood. Long working hours need to be used in rotation, the casual pair needs to be able to adapt to outdoor sports, and the party pair must have a special shape that is slightly exaggerated. In fact, on top of this standard configuration, there are more selection criteria for the frame shape. Even in the workplace, you have to face different situations such as daily and important meetings and business and social interactions. For the fashionable people who have more parties nowadays , A pair of party eyes are also slightly too few. Therefore, you have to match multiple pairs of glasses according to different clothing characteristics and colors to calmly face the needs of different occasions and styles.
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