Myopia and sunglasses, who says you can’t have both

u003cbru003eFor myopia, the most painful thing is the inability to put on a pair of beautiful sunglasses when driving or traveling. I took off my myopia glasses and couldn't see the road clearly. I didn't wear sunglasses. The sun exposure was very headache. Are the two really the existence of 'fish and bear's paw cannot have both'? The editor secretly tells you that there are other ways to make myopic friends wear sunglasses! 1. Contact lenses + sunglasses. Many people have thought about this method. Contact lenses and sunglasses are a perfect match. They can see objects clearly, resist sunlight, and can dress up at will. It should be noted that not everyone is suitable for wearing contact lenses, and there are more restrictions after wearing them, especially in summer. It is better to choose contact lenses that are not easy to dry, and are used for monthly or daily disposal. 2. The appearance of myopia glasses + sunglasses clip (flat) sunglasses clip is the gospel of many myopia. The sunglasses clip is economical and convenient to use. It does not take up too much storage space when not in use. The only drawback It may be that there are fewer styles of clips and limited options. Recommended reading: How do myopia patients use sunglasses clips? 3. Color-changing glasses Color-changing glasses are myopic lenses made of materials that change their color under the irradiation of light of the appropriate wavelength, and restore their original color when the light source is removed. It can be said that they integrate the advantages of myopic glasses and sunglasses. A pair of glasses can solve all problems, but the luminosity range of the color-changing lens is limited, and the lens is thicker and heavier when the height is counted, and the color-changing effect is not good. 4. Polarized myopia sunglasses customize a stylish and beautiful myopia sunglasses according to the wearer's actual luminosity. The appearance of stylish sunglasses and the function of myopia will become fashionable in a second. Relatively speaking, this customized myopia sunglasses is more expensive, but for fashionistas, it is the best partner for travel activities. My myopic friends can finally wear sunglasses. Go and choose an ideal pair of sunglasses and go out for fun together! Related reading: sunglasses myopia glasses sunglasses clip
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