Myopia sunglasses glasses process

u003cbru003eRecently, when some myopic friends choose sunglasses, they have no experience in buying glasses online, which leads to deviations in the matching process. Today, the net editor compiled a set of matching procedures for myopic sunglasses for everyone to refer to when choosing myopic sunglasses in the future. Step 1: Eyesight test If you have glasses on the Internet, you must first perform a visual acuity test. Because vision loss may sometimes be caused by eye diseases, it is necessary to determine whether the eye is really nearsighted. If it is true myopia, then determine the myopia degree, interpupillary distance, astigmatism degree, astigmatism axis position and other parameters, make sure that the degree of astigmatism and myopia does not exceed six hundred degrees, if it exceeds, then it is not possible to choose myopic sunglasses. Step 2: Online selection of glasses After determining the various parameters of the glasses, you can go online to select your favorite sunglasses styles. The editor here needs to remind everyone that the choice of sunglasses and face shape are also very important. Only by choosing sunglasses that suit the face shape can you add the charm of your face on a practical basis. Here, you can refer to the editor’s previous compilation An article on matching sunglasses and face shapes. Step 3: After placing a single online and picking out your favorite sunglasses, you can choose to buy them. Don't forget to fill in the optometry form before confirming the payment. There are left and right eye power, interpupillary distance, astigmatism, astigmatism axis position and other data in the optometry form. If you don’t have astigmatism, you don’t need to fill in the astigmatism data. After filling in the optometry form, you can confirm the order. Warm reminder from spectacles experts: The correct optometry form should be the handwritten optometry form issued by the optometrist following the process. The computer-printed optometry form cannot be used as a basis for glasses, but can only be used as a reference basis. At the same time, people who are new to myopic sunglasses generally have about a week to adapt. If they still feel unwell after a week, please go to the hospital and other formal institutions for glasses testing.
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