Myopic friends have a way to resist the sun

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-03-23
u003cbru003eThe trouble that the sun brings to myopic friends has never stopped. Whether it is the hot summer, the autumn when going out or the snowy winter, the short-sighted people in the sun are always blinded by the dazzling sunlight. Open your eyes. Some friends with low myopia will take off myopia glasses and wear sunglasses to protect their eyesight. For those friends who wear sunglasses and protect their eyes but cannot solve the problem of myopia, how can they resist the sun? Today, I will introduce a few good methods for you. Method 1: Contact lenses and sunglasses are used in combination Contact lenses and sunglasses are used together. Contact lenses mainly play a function of correcting vision, while sunglasses mainly block sunlight. However, this method is feasible for friends who are prone to dry eyes. Some obstacles. Method 2: Use ordinary myopia glasses and sunglasses clip together. Ordinary myopia glasses are used to correct vision and can be worn in any occasion. When under the sun, the sunglasses clip can be clipped on the myopia glasses to block them. The sun's damage to the eyes. However, the aesthetics of the wearing method is relatively low. Method 3: Matching myopia sunglasses. Many spectacle shops or glasses platforms now provide myopia sunglasses matching services. This consumption method is the same as with ordinary myopia glasses. It is necessary to provide myopia degree, axis, astigmatism and astigmatism axis. Waiting for optician data. This kind of sunglasses can not only perform vision correction, but also block harmful rays of sunlight from entering the eyes to cause damage to the eyes, and have two functions of one mirror. However, it is not suitable for indoor wear. Method four: equipped with myopia glasses with color-changing function myopia friends can also wear myopia glasses with color-changing function, this kind of glasses looks like ordinary near-sighted glasses indoors, when in the sun, the color of the lens becomes darker and becomes Sunglasses. This kind of glasses allows you who are nearsighted to have high-definition vision while preventing sun damage to the eyes. The above is the way for myopic friends to resist the sun. If you want to know more about related information, please feel free to click on the official website of the glasses to learn more. You can also purchase related products through online customer service.
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