Paramount sunglasses introduction

u003cbru003ePARIM (Parim) brand was founded in 1992, and has been focusing on the development of the field of glasses since its inception. The Parim brand takes intellectual beauty as its core, advocates romantic intellectuality, advocates a creative lifestyle, and integrates fashion and exquisiteness. , Comfort and other elements. Choose high-quality lenses and frame materials, aiming at the facial features of Orientals, satisfying the comfort and fashion sense of wearing glasses, highlighting the elegant temperament and intellectual connotation, and leading the fashion trend of domestic glasses! Perimon sunglasses are divided into the following three series: 1 , Elegance Series Paramount Sunglasses Elegance Series——1110 time elegantly draws an arc, classic and modern moments blend, condensed into a simple atmosphere and sophistication, elegant products are displayed in low-key luxury. The elegant series of sunglasses are classic, simple and elegant, emphasizing the taste of life, pursuing comfort and showing elegance. They are designed for professionals and business people. They can be matched with professional or business suits. 2. Leisure Series Paramount Sunglasses Leisure Series-1123 wandering in the prosperous city under the warm sunshine, using mirrors to show the other side of oneself, or individuality or avant-garde, regardless of trends, elegance and calmness remain. The leisure series has unique styles, innovative trends, bright colors and versatile trends, meeting the needs of urban men and women in the leisure life, mirroring the natural taste of chic and straightforward. 3. Dynamic Series Paramount Sunglasses Dynamic Series-1204 Sunlight, air and water are in close contact with nature, every cell is pulsing, and you can enjoy every moment of vitality. Dynamic series sunglasses, adhering to the brand's consistent design essence, simple and classic styles, smooth and dynamic lines, suitable for outdoor life, can be matched with active wear or sports life wear, reflecting a distinctive style, showing dynamic vitality in fashion. Article Title: Introduction to Paramount Sunglasses Article Arrangement:
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