Popular sunglasses style trends

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-30
u003cbru003eSunglasses are like a magic mask, as long as you wear them, you can instantly change the same star shape. Nowadays, sunglasses are fashionable and popular in all aspects such as shape, color, material and details. Designers inject fashion ideas into it, and technology makes it more ergonomic, blocking more harmful light, and clearer vision. Today is not the era when you can claim to be a hipster wearing big sunglasses. Let me analyze the trend of sunglasses in 2010 and help you 'magic face change'! Style trend 1: Gorgeous pattern Acetate fiber material, elongated and extra-large shape, characterized by openings at the edge of the lens, giving it a sense of lightness and novel design. Versace Baroque Sunglasses Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the design features can be seen on the front of the frame and on the arm frame. The eye-catching pattern is in sharp contrast with the plain background. CHANEL Tweed Sunglasses This season, the trendy focus of Chanel frames is the tweed. The special weave of tweed took 18 months to design and develop. Celine 70s style sunglasses Creative director Phoebe Philo designed the first sunglasses for Céline, full of simple design and nostalgic atmosphere of retro 70s. These sunglasses are designed with a charming butterfly shape, showing high-standard feminine style and mysterious style. The 'Dior' logo is particularly dazzling. Marc by Marc Jacobs 80s style sunglasses The cat-eye shape design of injection-molded sunglasses is derived from the fashion style of the 50s. The traditional high temples are decorated with brand logos at the joints. Max Mara Sunglasses The charming retro design of the injection-molded sunglasses reveals an unforgettable 50s style. The temples are decorated with the metal Max-Co. logo. The Chanel glasses series masters the pure and light spirit of designing the 'bow knot' series, with blossoming butterflies dotted on the frames or lenses. GUCCI Bamboo Decorated Mirror Leg Sunglasses The new sunglasses case frame is very delicate and attractive. Epoxy sunglasses highlight the retro style, lightweight plastic materials with colorful accessories.
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