Practicing rock fan with sunglasses

u003cbru003eSpeaking of rock and roll fans, it seems that the stereotyped rock and roll outfits appeared in my mind immediately. A series of classic elements such as smoky makeup, rivet accessories, black leather jackets, leather pants, dirty braids, etc. In fact, in addition to these, a pair of cool sunglasses can help you find the rock style. Let’s take a look at how the darling of the fashion world uses sunglasses to create a rock style! Maggie Cheung’s rock-and-roll style match at Paris Fashion Week is amazing. She wore coffee-colored sunglasses that day, which is very fashionable, and she wore a black leather jacket from the 2015 autumn and winter series. , With the LV2016 early spring series long skirt vest suit, stepped on white casual shoes, a rock fan, the beautiful halo has not faded. Wang Feng’s small leather pants once supported half of his rock fandom. Wearing small leather pants will make you have a rock and roll temperament. Pair it with a pair of round sunglasses to add a bit of hip-hop fashion! The lotus leaf hat accessories look a bit literary and retro. The British fan is full! In addition, if you want to roll, you can also choose a simple T-shirt with a rock band pattern that reflects your own rock style, with a pair of square-shaped fashion sunglasses, and this T-shirt. It seems that there are four big characters 'I love rock and roll' written on the chest, and then pull the collar of the clothes to turn it into a casual one-shoulder T-shirt. Recommend fashion sunglasses: Anta AT8005C1 black fashion sunglasses big frame polarized sunglasses Ray-Ban RB4222 men's sunglasses 622/8G matte black/lens gray Related reading: sunglasses fashion sunglasses
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