Prada Felternelli Literary Prize and the connection between glasses


There is a relationship between glasses and literature awards. I believe that many people have never heard of them! But the fact is true. In previous years, there was a Prada Felternelli Literature Award. Authors were invited to show their creativity according to the theme. The theme is precisely 'light, shadow and mirage. The facts are sometimes not what we seeThis theme can also be visually understood that optical glasses lenses are an important tool for exploring the world, as well as a new way to observe the people and things around us. So is there anything special about the optical glasses on the poster? Of course, this glasses is the Prada Journal optical glasses series developed by Prada and Luxottica Group (Luxottica). The new third storytelling will evolve into a three-dimensional literary experience through digital form, and the winning story will be presented in a modern 'dialogue and exchange theater'. Carlo Feltrinelli, AM Homes, Craig Mod and Oscar-winning film director Gabriel Savatres Gabriele Salvatores) was selected as the jury member of the Prada Felternelli Prize for Literature, and is responsible for selecting the third winners. The list of winners will be announced in September 2016. The Prada Felternelli Literary Prize has always adhered to its mission: to create an independent literary research platform open to writers from all over the world who have the ability to transform the subtle details of real life into words. The above is the compilation and editing of the editor. For more glasses knowledge, please go to view. Website: In addition, there are a variety of spectacle frames to choose from, with high quality and low price! Related reading: Myopia spectacle lens and radiation protection glasses
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