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u003cbru003eRay-Ban sunglasses were born from the distress of an American Air Force lieutenant. In 1923, when the lieutenant flew a small plane across the Atlantic Ocean, he was deeply troubled by the strong sunlight. After returning to the base, he even had nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Based on this, in 1930, Bausch u0026 Lomb developed Ray-Ban sunglasses that can absorb more sunlight, emit less heat, and maintain good clear vision. In addition to the good protective function of Ray-Ban sunglasses, the designer has made the design of its shape and style more prominent the military temperament of rugged and heroic. Ray Ban, 'Ray-Ban'. 'Ray' means light and 'Ban' means blocking. Since then, the 'Ray-Ban' brand has been officially launched. Ray-Ban RB4225 Men's Sunglasses 646/55 transparent Ray-Ban sunglasses can be said to be a symbol of successful men. Its shape is rugged and unrestrained, with good eye protection. The high-quality lenses of Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been its selling point. Ultra-visual clarity, high color stability, precise abrasive film, anti-scratch, anti-impact, anti-ultraviolet, and shielding against other harmful light are the characteristics and advantages of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Since the establishment of the brand, Ray-Ban has always been the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world. Supporting this achievement is Ray-Ban's consistent high-quality and elegant design. The design and manufacture of Ray-Ban frames are also excellent, which can make people wear comfortable under any circumstances. Timeless design, concise style and high-quality style have undoubtedly become the important elements of the Le-Ban brand that is still enduring after nearly 70 years. Ray-Ban RB4201-F Men's Sunglasses 622/55 Black Ray-Ban's outstanding performance has attracted the admiration of many celebrities in the world, including Michael Jackson, superstar David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Hilton, Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, Liming, Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Ren Xianqi, Nicholas Tse, Show Luo, Maggie Cheung, Zhu Yin, Fang Datong, Guo Tao and many other celebrities. Seeing this, are you still not in your heart? Hurry up and get a pair of fashionable Ray-Ban sunglasses! Related reading: Ray-Ban sunglasses
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