Round frame to help you sell cute

u003cbru003eIn today's Internet age where everyone sells cuteness, it is simply an outman who can't sell cuteness. Both male and female celebrities can sell cuteness. So, have you mastered the national skill of selling cuteness? Today, the editor will teach you a trick, that is to use the cute artifact, frame glasses! With it, selling cute is a matter of minutes! Simply don't want it. First of all, let's take a look at how female stars use frame glasses to sell cute. These two are just Gillian and Zhou Xun. Did you recognize it? Gillian is okay. Zhou Xun is not common, right? Have you ever seen her cute style with bob head and round glasses? Plus the upturned mouth is happy Gillian’s smile is so cute, isn’t it? Gillian’s style is slightly different. Although the same round-frame glasses, Gillian is more literary, clean and refreshing. She smiles slightly and reveals dimples. Are you? Let’s take a look at male stars. As you can see, these two are Wu Yi and Wu Qilong. Wu Yi is called 'the cute master of martial arts'. It is really not a fake. Look at the pursed lips, cute eyes, and big glasses, which is light and relaxed. Songmeng pours a piece. Huh? Sisters, don’t lie on the ground, get up! Come to see Wu Qilong again, pouting, pouting, do you see it, regardless of age, boss Wu is also very cute, I think this pair of big glasses frame Helped a lot. Don't sell cute? You need a pair of glasses! Related reading: glasses frame glasses
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