Secretly telling how to choose women's sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses are not only a tool for girls to block the scorching sun, but also a tool to add their own fashion taste. There are many choices of sunglasses. Will you choose sunglasses to match your temperament and dress? The following editor can teach you. Recommended reading: Three must-have sunglasses for taking photos. Tips for buying sunglasses: Picking lenses Lens is the soul of a pair of glasses, and its quality directly affects the quality of sunglasses. There are five types of common sunglasses lenses, as follows: 1. Anti-reflective protective lenses: The lenses are coated with a layer of magnesium chloride to resist strong light reflection and see things more clearly. When purchasing, you can aim the sunglasses at the light source. If purple and green appear, the lens has anti-reflective properties. 2. Colored lenses: Colored lenses are commonly used lenses in sunglasses. In the production of lenses, some chemical substances are added to make the lenses show different colors. 3. Painted lens: Its effect is the same as that of colored lens, but its coloring is different from that of colored lens. It is not adding chemical substances in the production, but the surface of the lens is painted with color. 4. Polarized lens: In order to neutralize the reflection of sunlight, a lens with a special vertical coating is added to the lens, which is called a polarized lens. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are most suitable for outdoor sports. 5. Color changing lens: also called photosensitive lens. The main silver halide in the lens, when this kind of lens encounters strong light, it will become a colored lens, suitable for indoor and outdoor. Two tips for buying sunglasses: choose the frame of the sunglasses from the shape of your face. Consumers with wide faces should choose sunglasses with large frames; consumers with narrow faces should choose sunglasses with thinner frames; consumers with round faces should choose sunglasses with thicker frames. Tip 3: Look at the label and tag to see if there is UV protection on the label. The small tag also hides a lot of information, such as the place of production of the product and the material used in the lens. Four tips for buying sunglasses: Pick a darker skin color. It is better to choose brighter sunglasses. White skin can be any color. Among the sunglasses, light gray, brown, and smoky colors are the best. Followed by dark brown and black, red is only suitable for use in snow and sunbathing. Have you learnt that? Pick yourself a pair of beautiful eye-protecting sunglasses this summer
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