Seven elements you must know when buying sunglasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-02
u003cbru003eSunglasses are so hot all year round, especially for celebrities. Whether it is the scorching sun in summer or the snowy winter, sunglasses are their weapon of victory. Look at the airport, runway, street shooting ……Almost every corner of them are covered with sunglasses, which also stimulates the desire of many consumers to buy, but how can you not know some skills when buying sunglasses! Today I will give you a popular science about the seven elements you must know when buying sunglasses :1. Price. A pair of sunglasses with good lenses should not be too cheap, so don’t buy a lot of colorful sunglasses because you want to be cheap. Such sunglasses are often very uncomfortable when you wear them. Either the color is distorted, or the lenses are easy to wear. Wear and tear, but also harmful to the eyes, easy to make the eyes very tired. Recommended reading: What is the price of sunglasses? 2. Try on. It is best to try on the sunglasses under natural light. If you buy it at night, you should try them in a well-lit environment, so that you can see the shading effect and flaws of the lenses. 3. Comfortable. It is best not to buy sunglasses in a 'love at first sight'. Although the beauty of the frame is important, the visual comfort of the lens and the comfort of the frame are more important. If fish and bear's paw can't have both, those who give up the fish and take the bear's paw are also. 4. Hang tags. We also care about the tag price and size when we buy clothes, but it is easy to overlook this small brand when we buy sunglasses. In fact, there are a lot of useful information on the tag, such as the origin, material, UV index, and product type of the glasses. 5. Lens identification. One of the easiest ways to check the quality of the lens is to shake the glasses back and forth in front of the eyes to see if the object moves with the lens. If it is, it means that the lens is not flat and has unevenness and is a substandard lens. Of course, this is for flat glasses, if it is myopia sunglasses, this trick is not very accurate. Recommended reading: teach you how to identify sunglasses 6, color. In addition to leisure and entertainment, if it is really for UV protection, it is best to buy sunglasses with real sun-shading lenses such as gray, green, blue and gray, because these relatively soft colors will not change color when looking at nature. It is especially suitable for people with cars, because it will not affect their discrimination of traffic signals such as traffic lights. 7. UV index. For sunglasses, the UV index is also a very important criterion for filtering out ultraviolet rays. At present, the UV index of most sunglasses is between 96% and 98%. Dark lenses are better than light lenses. Generally speaking, 100% UV index is not very small, and different colors have different levels of UV protection. For details, please refer to 'Four Most Popular Sunglasses' Related reading: Sunglasses Price Sunglasses Brand
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