Several kinds of special function sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses can be divided into several types according to their functions, such as common polarized lenses, color-changing lenses, mirrored sunglasses, etc. What is the difference between these types of sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses? What are the special features? Polarized lenses Polarizers can reduce glare and are used on horizontal roads, water, ice and snow. It can be worn while driving, skiing, water skiing, and cycling. For patients after cataract surgery and the elderly who are sensitive to light, these people can also improve their visual comfort by choosing polarized sunglasses. In addition, wearing a polarizer while driving will have a wider field of view, but you may not be able to see the digital display such as LED display, GPS and mobile phone screen in the car. Recommended colors: yellow, brown, and blue, which can filter blue light. Polarized sunglasses cannot be used for flying. For certain sports, such as golfing, polarized sunglasses may cause some visual information to be lost and affect performance. 6069 Unisex Sunglasses C4 blue frame gun legs/colorful blue color-changing lens color-changing glasses are usually sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and the color of the lens becomes darker or lighter with the change of light intensity. For people who wear glasses, color-changing mirrors are more convenient and more comfortable to use indoors and outdoors. But when changing the environment, it does not change color immediately, the color change reaction occurs more slowly when cold, and the car windshield can also interfere with the color change of the glasses. Color-changing mirrors cannot completely replace sunglasses. They are not dark enough under strong light conditions such as beaches and snow, and they cannot bring enough visual comfort. Recommended reading: What color lens should I choose in summer? The color of the mirror reflective coating of the reflective mirror sunglasses is varied, which is determined by the thickness and structure of the coating, and the color of the lens seen by the wearer is generally brown or gray. Reflective coating can reduce 10% to 60% of the light passing through the lens, so it is very suitable for deserts, snow, high altitude areas and other strong light environments, and it is very popular in extreme sports. Recommended reading: Color clamor mirror sunglasses are unbeatable. Extra tips. Sunglasses worn during sports require special designs. They have non-slip nose pads for a firmer fit, and wrap-around frames that can block the side reflected light. The color of infant sunglasses can be brown or gray. Gray lenses provide a more natural visual quality, while brown lenses can help filter short-wavelength blue light that is detrimental to eye health. The above is a brief introduction of several special function sunglasses, I hope you can choose according to the actual situation. Related Reading: Explosion of Sunglasses Color Sunglasses
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