Several solutions to wearing sunglasses for myopia

u003cbru003eIt's fleeting, and it's about to welcome the scorching summer. It seems it's time to take out the sunglasses and equipment. Just when we wanted to show off, many myopic friends began to feel melancholy, 'How can I wear sunglasses if I am nearsighted?help. Ray-Ban RB3449 Men's Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55 1. Contact lens + sunglasses This is a simple and commonly used method, but because of the strong summer sunglasses, wearing invisible lenses is easy to jealous or eye fatigue, which is for fun I add a big exclamation mark to my mood! Second, choose the sunglasses clip. The sunglasses clip can be directly hung on the myopia glasses. It is more convenient and easy to wear, and the price is affordable. You can wear it when you need it and pick it when you don’t need it. It is very practical. However, the styles of the sunglasses clip are few, the available colors and the lens shape are single, which is not beautiful; in addition, the small clip at the connection of the clip increases the weight of the glasses and is easily damaged; and the clip has a difference in the size and frame shape of the myopia frame. Requirement, because the clip is not customized for myopia glasses, under normal circumstances, the clip or insert will be a circle larger than the actual myopia glasses, which affects the appearance. 3. All-weather myopia lens set that can be used during the day and night. The all-weather myopia lens clip is connected to the main lens through a magnet, which is light in weight; the main frame is attached with a pair of polarized lenses. You can also get a pair of polarized sunglasses when you buy a myopic frame, which is more economical and more cost-effective. . However, there are not enough frame styles. Sunglasses YC9015 Gun Color Men’s Special Myopia Sunglasses Large Frame Sunglasses with Degree Four. Choose Myopia Lenses. There are three main types of myopia sunglasses lenses: dyed myopia lenses, polarized myopia lenses, and color-changing myopia lenses. Dyed myopia lenses, also known as 'color myopia lensesPolarized myopia lenses are made according to the principle of polarization of light. They have a unique priority to eliminate glare. They have special effects on drivers, improving vision and adding fun to the ride. The color-changing myopia lens is a transparent spectacle lens in the outdoor color-changing room. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and through the treatment of hardening and filming technology, the transmittance of the lens is strengthened and the surface wear resistance is higher. The above are several options for wearing sunglasses for myopia. As for which option to choose, you can choose based on personal preferences and needs. Related reading: Sunglasses myopia glasses
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