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Under the sun, on the beach, and sunglasses are your bonus weapons. If you are a perfect person, when choosing a pair of fashionable sunglasses, don’t forget to learn some tips for wearing sunglasses and makeup. The editor will show you how to make up these four kinds of sunglasses. 1. White-framed sunglasses. The left side of white-framed sunglasses correctly demonstrates the lips: white-framed sunglasses can make the skin look brighter. To emphasize the refined beauty, apply a layer of lip gloss after applying burgundy lipstick. The lipstick is the same color as the lenses, which can attract eyes and make the face appear smaller. Eyes: Maintain the original shape of the eyebrows, fill the eyebrows, and use the eyebrow pencil to adjust the contour of the eyebrows. Cheeks: Use a large brush to take a dark copper blush and apply it from the cheekbones to the lips to accentuate the facial lines. On the right, the same sunglasses with different makeup, on the right, we chose the beautiful watermelon red, and did not use the dark copper blush for the models. The three-dimensional effect instantly became flat. There is wood! Who says that foreign girls have three-dimensional faces, Be sure not to underestimate the bronze blush! 2. Transparent eyeglass frame lip: The transparent frame sunglasses on the left side of the transparent frame sunglasses can make the face look brighter, and the lips are painted with sparkling tomato-like color to make the effect more good. After applying the tomato-colored lipstick, apply a layer of lip gloss of the same color to make the lip color long lasting and cover lip wrinkles. Eyes: If you want to highlight the brisk mood brought by the transparent frame, you might as well modify the eyebrows according to the original eyebrow shape. Dip the eyebrow powder with a brush and draw a smooth curve naturally. Cheeks: Use a peach-colored blush, starting from the contact point between the frame and the face, and continue to the cheekbones. The same sunglasses on the right side used phosphors for different makeup lips. My colleagues gave up the blush makeup, so the change is so big! The aura of the red lip goddess instantly decreases a lot! 3. Mirror sunglasses mirror sunglasses left Properly demonstrate the lip on the side: choose mirror-like reflective sunglasses or brightly colored sunglasses. It is recommended that the lip makeup should not be drawn too prominently. You can choose the nude shade of apricot to apply and trim the contour of the lips. Use a lip liner that is slightly brighter than lipstick to draw the lip line, and then apply lipstick to make the effect cleaner. Eyes: Use an eyebrow pencil to clearly outline the curves of the eyebrows. Cheeks: Use an off-white blush containing pearl powder and apply it from the temples to the cheekbones to highlight the curves of the face. On the right side, the same sunglasses with different makeup. On the right side, we chose a cute pink that looks cute and matched with the same color blush. Whether the effect is good or not, let’s see for yourself, I just want to say, this girl, don’t you So 'ashamed to answer'! 4. Super-large-angle frame sunglasses. Super-large-angle frame sunglasses. Demonstration of lips: Super-large frame sunglasses can highlight feminine beauty. Use a lip brush to dip milky pink lipstick and apply it carefully from the middle of the lips. Lip line. This is, the lipstick is a little smaller than the original lips, which can make the lips appear smaller and have a cute feeling. Eyes: Take the dark brown eyebrow shadow with a brush, apply a thick layer, and then use eyebrow cream to adjust the texture of the eyebrows. Cheeks: Use blush to draw a circle from the cheekbones to the nose. The editor on the right sings the opposite of the lip. We chose an age-reducing orange color, and used eyebrow powder on the eyebrows to create natural thick eyebrows and reduce the effect of shadows. What do you think? The makeup over there is more of your style Er? The picture comes from the Internet, if you want to delete it, please contact Related reading: Framed brand sunglasses
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