Simple sunglasses makeup

u003cbru003eWhen we cover half of our face with sunglasses, how can we organize our makeup better? In fact, you don’t need heavy makeup, just do the basic makeup and highlight the eyebrows or lips! Let’s take a look at how to put on sunglasses! Myopic polarized sunglasses 9105C1 interprets sexy makeup for you 1. Before makeup, balance the water and oil on the skin, first apply a mask and then make-up to make it more lasting and not easy to take off! 2. Apply sunscreen, base makeup, use BB cream or Cushion CC cream makes all the blemishes on your face invisible; 3. If it is a lens that exposes the eyebrows, draw the eyebrows clearly and stylishly, so that they look more energetic and clear. The eyebrow-exposed lenses have already portrayed the eyebrows very aggressively, just a little bit of work on the lips is OK1! Putting a big red lip on sexy and charming, or putting on a fleshy pink line to show the neutral and natural side is also very attractive. If the lens covers the eyebrows, girls who want to be lazy can omit eyebrow makeup. At this time, just by highlighting the color of the lips to raise the spirit. 4. After finishing the back brow shape and lip, you can apply blush on the face, and put a bright foundation on the bridge of the nose to make the nose look firmer, and the whole popular color looks better, and also add a little embellishment of shame, beautiful and moving Oh~ I put on my sunglasses and half of my face was covered. Too heavy makeup or too attention to trivial makeup looks superfluous. At this time, it is better to make simpler makeup, which is simple and beautiful. Why not do it? Related reading: lenses
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