Skillfully use glasses to create three minions

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-05-31
u003cbru003eWhether it is frame glasses or sunglasses, you can decorate your face well, and it can also increase your temperament and create a different style. This year, the yellow of the minions has become a brighter color in summer, and the costumes of minions are also very popular. Do you want to be unique and different? Take a look at the following outfits for the minions with glasses! 1. Original The little yellow guy thinks he won’t recognize you when he rolls up his trouser legs and grows longer and longer legs? Too naive! The yellow jacket is so eye-catching, it supplements enough visual heatstroke prevention 'vitamin C' but it will not flash to people, but it is like a cotton candy It must be soft, and paired with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, which is both in harmony and fashion. Of course, a qualified minion must have a pair of blue jeans to hit the color, dare you not dare to challenge the lustful courage? 2, '2B' minion’s masculine alien world becomes the inspiration for the design of a different dimension , It’s hard to tune into the high-brightness Xiaohuangren Huang. It’s hard to get high-profile, absorb sports elements and mix and match, and mix and match dynamic and elegant ways to create freshness. Coupled with a pair of round-frame sunglasses, fashion exudes a deep appeal. What should I do if such an energetic minion accidentally dangles his eyes? 3. The macho minion is tired of playing cute, playing cute and fresh, after fitness The meaty male minions have turned on the enthusiastic sexy mode! Pointing at the sea warriors under the blue sea and blue sky, the uniform version and neat and stylish shorts create a fresh and delicious captain; what eight-pack abs mermaid line shines Say goodbye to the past with short legs, round belly and no waist! Put on a pair of yellow transparent frame sunglasses, and your free and easy attitude immediately emerges! Pay close attention to your side, you will find that there are a lot of men and women in summer glasses, whether it is frame or Sunglasses, whether it is nearsightedness or decoration, glasses have become an indispensable weapon for casual and concave shapes of fashion trends! In addition, have you found that there are many minions lurking around you? Quickly pick up your torch-eyed golden eyes and follow the fashion trends! Image source On the Internet, please contact if you want to delete it. Related reading: Sunglasses, frames and glasses
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