Sometimes celebrities choose sunglasses

u003cbru003ePeople say that stars are models of fashion, and as long as the accessories, clothing, hairstyles, etc. that stars like, they will definitely become popular among the 'civil'. Celebrities like to use sunglasses to dress up fashionable and concave shapes, but when people miss their hands, those celebrities that match them are no exception. The editor listed a few, let’s take a look below. Do you feel the same? 1. The style is not right. Fan Bingbing Fan Ye is an expert in the fashion industry, but occasionally he stumbles. This pair of uniquely shaped glasses is very eye-catching, but the pure round shape also makes people unable to notice Fan Ye’s double chin, making Fan Ye with a melon-faced face look chubby~ After evolution, this pair of glasses has no strange shapes, but instead It is a common style. The drop-shaped glasses make the face smaller, and the overall look is more fashionable. It also comes with the effect of reducing the age~ Xiaobian reminds: 'Sunglasses with round frames, especially round sunglasses with unique shapes, You must choose carefully, and if you are not careful, your face will appear rounder.' Shu Qi Shu Qi is also a newcomer in the fashion circle. The former royal silk and satin skirts surprised everyone, but why the goddess should black herself like this ~ she has a square face. Shu Qi looked more square when she put on boxy glasses~ Uh~ Xiaobian started to be more square. After the evolution of the frame, after changing to this pair, is it right that the melon face has a sense of sight and the square edges and corners are also hidden? The overall effect looks better than just one degree. Editor reminds: 'For the same reason, square-faced girls should also avoid square glasses, or be careful to change to the picture above, haha' 2. The size does not match Sun Li. We talked about the trendy mirrors collected by the empress before. Children who want to see click here. But the editor never expected that the empress also has a black history. The sunglasses Sun Li looks like a size smaller when worn. They don’t feel like sunglasses when they are worn. The whole sight is simply blind. Fortunately, the empress is white and saved. a little. How about after the evolution, this pair has changed a lot, the big size makes the face small, and it is full of fashionable girlishness~ Xiaobian reminds: 'The size of sunglasses should be judged according to the size of the face, too small not only makes the face bigger , To be honest, she still looks a bit old.' Zhao Liying has been fancied by the small bone ring since she saw Hua Qiangu, and she has not lost the battle with her senior Huo Jianhua. But this match is not in direct proportion to the acting skills, it is obvious that the little melon face wears such weird small round sunglasses, the whole funny image! Although the matching skills need to be improved after the evolution, this sunglasses can be regarded as remarkable. Wouldn’t it be more suitable for the same black sunglasses with a smaller size, so this is a proper celebrity fan~ Xiaobian reminds: 'Sunglasses The size of the sunglasses should be judged according to the size of the face. The sunglasses are too big, it looks dull and weird' 3. The color is wrong. Yang Mi Da Mi Mi's taste is getting better and better after giving birth, and the matching is also praised by everyone. . The picture on the left is the match she went to Fashion Week before. The editor just wants to complain about this pair of glasses, uh, I don’t know how the big power was chosen for this complicated color. It's too violent! It looks very dark. After the evolution, Da Mi Mi was called Girl Mi after giving birth to Xiao Nuo Mi. This match is naturally indispensable. Look at her sunglasses, the taste is the same~ So classic tea is all-match~ Related reading: Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses Brand
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