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u003cbru003eIt seems that men are more popular in the entertainment industry nowadays, because female fans are more crazy and obsessed. When you see handsome and man, girls’ hearts are crunched! And now all male stars have dedicated stylists , I know how to use decorative accessories, such as sunglasses and hats, to transform men into men in minutes! There are pictures and the truth. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at the sunglasses styles of sportsmen! Li Yifeng's various eye-catching accessories Li Yifeng's various eye-catching accessories are close to the body, the black frame sunglasses add handsomeness, and the woolen hat adds to the trend, which is really full of styling. But when I was in Lixia, I still wore a thick woolen hat. Isn’t it hot? What's the logic of the white 'one-step' with black socks! Recommended sunglasses: YC9706 unisex sunglasses C1 bright black/grey Jared Leto Every time I appear, I look forward to Jared Leto's changing style. This time I go out with a GUCCI short jacket to lengthen the legs. The jeans and shoes are color coordinated to extend the visual effect of the legs. Classic toad mirror sunglasses, trendy woolen hats and jackets. The bee embroidery on the top makes the look cooler and more interesting! Recommended sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB3025 unisex sunglasses W0879 gun/grey flake Chen Xuedong warm and refreshing entry-level collocation with Chen Xuedong's white top and shoes in harmony, very suitable for his warm and clean temperament, come again Sunglasses, easy to concave shape and earn eyeballs, entry-level matching rules, men who can't wear them can learn! Recommended sunglasses: YC9711 men's sunglasses C3 blue/colorful blue Related reading: sunglasses men men's sunglasses
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