Spring is infinitely good, but lacks a pair of sunglasses

u003cbru003eRecently, Yuan Shanshan, who used to be a fan of vests and coils, has been on Weibo hot search after being exposed to a suspected relationship with Zhang Jike. Although Zhang Jike has responded by saying that he is still a 'single dogWell versed in 'fashion routines. Round-frame sunglasses are probably the style with the highest appearance rate this spring. After all, they are the most versatile and the one that doesn't choose the face shape. Sunglasses can not only block ultraviolet rays, but also look stylish, making it the best companion for spring dress. If you are tired of popular sunglasses such as Karen Walker, Dior, Gentle Monster, but don't have any new ideas for the time being, you might as well follow Rayli to the show to see which sunglasses to wear in spring and summer 2017 is the most fashionable. Show trend-round-frame sunglasses The classic round-frame sunglasses are still the main trend in spring and summer of 2017, but they are bolder and more fashionable in detail processing and color matching. Single product recommendation A pair of simple and fashionable round-frame sunglasses is undoubtedly a must-have item this spring. Not only can it be competent for all occasions, but it also has its own timeless attributes. Show trend-diamond-encrusted sunglasses If you still have an old-fashioned misunderstanding about the craft of 'diamond-encrustedThe street shooting demonstration may not have thought that diamond-encrusted sunglasses are the most difficult style to hit the mirror. After all, Rayli sauce has also seen the trendy street shooting of the four major fashion weeks, and barely found the following two pictures. Single product recommendation Actually, diamond-encrusted sunglasses are not as difficult to wear as imagined. I am really worried. You can also choose to wear sunglasses inlaid with rivets. In short, they are all styles that are not easy to hit the mirror. Show trend-geometric sunglasses geometric sunglasses have been promoted as a must-have item for fashionable people with their relaxed and fun dressing attitude. Even the seemingly dull 'black super' in the street shooting demonstration has become more attitude due to its irregular geometric border, which is very suitable for all-black dressing. Tang Yan seems to be very fond of this pair of sunglasses. She has completed many out-of-street looks with her, and its versatile attributes are self-evident. It is worth mentioning that, don't look at Tang Yan's current airport street shooting aura, but in the new movie 'Fighting God of CookeryThere are many styles of geometric sunglasses recommended for a single product, so it is easier to find a style that suits your face. Show trend-futuristic sunglasses The finale is the futuristic sunglasses. This seemingly difficult to match but very personal style style has been accepted by more and more fashionable people. Street shooting demonstration stars personally demonstrated how to avoid the instant vision of wearing sunglasses out of 3D glasses. Loose, lazy or oversize styles, coupled with high-impact color matching are the keys to a fashionable look. If you are not sure about the single product recommendation, you might as well start with the less exaggerated styles and slowly find matching routines. Hey girls, do you have any ideas now? When the haze is about to dissipate in the spring, hurry up and dress up with sunglasses for your outing look. Don't let the spring go. Related reading: Gucci sunglasses Prada sunglasses
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