Star Airport wears sunglasses only for low-key escape

u003cbru003eNowadays, why are our stars high-energy and high-yield? Or the saying goes: If you want to get rich, build roads first, you have to fly. Without a good traffic situation, even the best drama can't catch up. Take the Capital Airport as an example. On average, two to three first- and second-tier stars appear every day. Then some people can’t help asking, why don’t we see one of them? Today I will give you a popular science, how do the stars appear when they show up to avoid being recognized by others, this skill is unique and unique. Remember to like it afterwards. 80% of those who wear sunglasses are celebrities who have bodyguards and basically did not run at the beginning. It is definitely not difficult for everyone. This shape is relatively easy to identify. Simply put: if it is dark, a good shape has a lot of luggage, and the black super covers the face. When the straight person appears, congratulations, go and ask for an autograph. Although wearing sunglasses helps to disappear quickly and without causing commotion in the crowd, it often backfires. After all, at night, the light is so dark, who is still wearing sunglasses? I can recognize it at a glance, okay? So the editor also gives advice to the stars. If you catch a plane at night, try changing glasses with frames. Of course, not everyone who wears sunglasses is necessarily a celebrity, and their appearance is occasional. The appearance is roughly like this: a few bodyguards with a slightly flat face and serious faces, a group of screaming fans, and a few passers-by who don't know what happened. Some celebrities still use all the equipment such as hats, sunglasses, masks, and cover themselves tightly to be recognized. They are basically celebrities, but they are afraid that too many fans will delay the trip, so they can get away low-key. Related Reading: Black Super Frame Glasses
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