Stars show you the fashion of oversized square sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses are a sharp tool for celebrities to easily concave shape. Oversized square-frame sunglasses give people a cool and trendy feeling, so they are the love of many celebrities. This is also one of the reasons why street photos of stars are always handsome and cool. Next, let the stars take you through the fashion and coolness of oversized square-frame sunglasses! Jing Boran, who appeared in Cannes in the movie 'Looking for the Dragon' in Cannes, has been going smoothly in recent years. Of course, this is also related to his appearance. Taste is inseparable. He showed up at the airport, star logo trendy T + black leather shoulder bag + black square frame sunglasses, the overall look is full of fashion, square sunglasses modify his angular V face It's more masculine. Bigbang captain Quan Zhilong has always been a fashion icon in the Korean fashion circle, and every time he appears on the scene, he must use fashionable celebrity style to brighten the audience. In this street shooting, the combination of rivet cap + black big frame sunglasses + English sentence necklace + plaid shirt makes GD look simple but not simple. A pair of oversized frame sunglasses is full of celebrity style, and it looks more and more GD. The sharp face is only as big as a slap. Jessica Jessica, a former girl's generation member, is also a full fashion leader, especially when Sika, who is now promoted to the overbearing president of fashion brand BLANC, appears at the airport, she is also full of queens all the time. A small fragrant blue-purple plaid coat + white T-shirt + black matte leather pants + black Chanel chain bag, and put on a pair of fashionable square-frame sunglasses of her own trendy style, putting aristocratic style and handsomeness on her body Was played to the fullest. Tang Yan recently appeared in Shanghai Airport in a low-key costume, black hat + black vest jacket + black bottoming shirt + black pants + LV brand handbag, with a pair of mirror material oversized square sunglasses, adding to the whole vegetarian A hint of bright spot. 'National School Grass' Li Yifeng not only has a good appearance, but also has great clothes. He is the focus of attention wherever he goes. Especially the various styles of the airport are well received. Let’s take a look at Li Yifeng’s handsome airport photos! A sportswear, a white baseball cap worn backwards, a pair of black-framed oversized sunglasses covering the face, the whole leisure sports style, Sunshine and handsome! The picture comes from the Internet, if you want to delete it, please contact Related reading: square-frame sunglasses and large-frame glasses
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