Stay away from the three major misunderstandings, don’t let crappy sunglasses wear bad eyes

u003cbru003eIn the hot summer, all kinds of summer products are very popular, especially sunglasses. However, people often have some misunderstandings in the consumption process, which may bring certain harm to consumers' physical and mental health. Oakley OO9245 Men's Sunglasses 29/Brown Pattern/Tea should be very careful when choosing and wearing sunglasses, otherwise it will not only not protect the eyes, but may also damage the eyesight. Many people who buy sunglasses are most concerned about the style of the glasses. Whenever they pick up a pair of sunglasses, they will look at the style in front of the mirror. As long as they fit their face shape or are more fashionable, they will buy it, and no longer care about other information about the sunglasses. What is more worrying is that some people casually bought a pair of sunglasses at a roadside stand in order to be cheap, or just to block the sun, and then put it on. Oakley OO9269 Men's Sunglasses 04/Transparent/Colorful Blue Misunderstanding 1: It can block the sun to protect the eyes. According to relevant people, wearing inferior sunglasses may burn your eyes. Human pupils shrink under strong light, and use the adjustment function of human eyes to resist ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays. In contrast, the pupils of humans will dilate in low-light environments. When wearing low-quality sunglasses that cannot protect against ultraviolet rays, the residual ultraviolet rays will be injected into the eyes in large quantities, so it is better not to wear them. If you use such sunglasses that are not UV-resistant, you may burn your eyes. If the burn is deep, the damaged sensory cells on the retina will not even be able to recover. Oakley OO9272 Men’s Sunglasses 07/Black/Red/Colorful Red Misunderstanding 2: Dark-colored mirrors are better at blocking ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays because of the special coating on the lenses. After the lens is coated, while blocking and absorbing ultraviolet rays, it also blocks part of the useful light, which reduces the transmittance of the lens. There is no direct relationship between the ability of sunglasses to block ultraviolet rays and the color depth of the mirror. Really good-quality sunglasses have strong ability to block ultraviolet rays, and the transmittance is not much lower, which does not affect the general visual clarity. Misunderstanding 3: Children wear sunglasses to protect against the sun. The summer vacation is approaching. Many parents plan to take time to travel with their children. They are afraid that the sun will damage their children's eyes, so they buy a pair of sunglasses to block the sun. Children’s pupils are more sensitive to strong light stimulation, and can reduce the light entering the fundus under strong light. Children’s eyes are very adaptable. Even with low-quality sunglasses, children can quickly adapt without feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, in general, try not to wear sunglasses for children for decoration, let alone wear them for a long time. Related reading: Sunglasses with glasses
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