Summer is here, give you a passionate red frame

u003cbru003eSummer is here, what color do you think of for the passionate summer? Is it passionate red? Is the warm red your favorite? So what are the characteristics of children's shoes that like red glasses? Let's take a look. 50001 Red C12 plate casual free size neutral myopia frame. Red represents auspiciousness, joy, enthusiasm, boldness, passion, fighting spirit and revolution. Symbolic meaning In many countries and some ethnic groups, red has the function of expelling evil. For example, in ancient China, the walls of many palaces and temples were red, and officials, mansions, and costumes were mostly red, the so-called 'Zhu Men' and 'Zhu Yi'. 2167 Red C6 plate trendy size neutral myopia frames. In Chinese traditional culture, the color corresponding to the fire in the five elements is red, and the hexagram in the gossip also symbolizes red; because red is easy to attract people’s attention, there are many warnings The marks are represented by red text or images. For example, red in traffic lights means stop. Sagawa Fujii plate + alloy 81232 red C221 trendy neutral myopia glasses frame. Red is also seen as a symbol of bloodshed, danger, and terror; red is often used in politics to symbolize revolution and leftists, and communist countries are used to express communism; Red is believed to arouse the secretion of human male hormones, so people who wear red clothing in sports competitions can achieve better results; in China, red traditionally means celebration, such as weddings and Spring Festival, they like to use red to decorate; Red represents the color of love. The four types of red correspond to the following: 1. Bright red: festive, auspicious, lively and eye-catching. There is a kind of red firecrackers in China, which are very loud when set off. After the release, red shells are everywhere, which is very festive. During the Spring Festival, many folk families and shops like to set off 'Da Hong Pao' firecrackers at the door to celebrate the New Year and bring joy. It is also a hope for the 'prosperous' life in the future. Ports sheet POF13413RD red casual sheet ladies universal myopia frame 2. Crimson: love, maturity, deep, warm crimson is obtained by reducing the lightness on the basis of the original red, which is the lightness change in the red series. The brightness is low. This kind of color combination is easier to create a deep and resentful story atmosphere as the brightness becomes darker. It conveys a stable, mature, and noble psychological feeling. FB5036 burgundy C12 medium size full-frame plate neutral myopia glasses frame 3. Peach: passion, free and easy, generous, gorgeous, and a bit darker than pink. Peach is a symbol of feminine enthusiasm. Compared with pink romance, peach Red is a more free and easy color. FG60008 Wine Red C105 Pure Titanium Business One Size Neutral Myopia Frame 4. Pink: Gentle, tender, elegant and romantic. Pink is a color that is a mixture of red and white, and is usually described as light red. Pink symbolizes gentleness, sweetness, romance, and no pressure. It can soften attacks and calm impetuousness. In occasions that require authority, it is not advisable to wear large areas of pink, and it needs to be matched with other more authoritative colors. Red Red represents auspiciousness, joy, enthusiasm, unrestrainedness, passion, fighting spirit, and revolution. The character color represents the character of being active, active, open, enthusiastic, and willing to communicate with others. Related reading: Good-looking glasses frame glasses
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